Monday, January 7, 2013

" Drive My Soul ... "

When you are gone
Will I lose control? 
You are the only road I know
You show me where to go
Who will drive my soul? 

You make the street lights reappear
I feel bright when you stand near
I know what I am when you are here
My place becomes so clear

Will I lose control? 
You're the only road that I know
You show me where to go
Who will drive my soul? 
Drive my soul

~ Lights ~ Drive My Soul ~ 

I strongly believe in Divine Guidance and I know it can come as a song on the radio, a conversation with a stranger, an article I have read, voices in my dreams or inspired ideas.  Simply a message.  But what is not so simple is knowing if it is truly a message from the Divine.

Over the years, I have awareness in seeing it as a natural part of my daily life ... I recognize, trust and act on this guidance.  Yet my ego does like to mess me up time to time and settle me in a place of confusion.  

Thankfully there is a great deal of resources around me as well as online.  Doreen Virtue, Ph.D speaks clearly in her book called Divine Guidance about this very thing.  Distinguishing true guidance from false guidance and how to more fully open up your channels to receive Divine messages.

She talks about the difference between true higher guidance and false lower/ego guidance.  Here are a few to consider:

  • True Guidance is supportive and motivational
  • False Guidance is fearful and inspires doubt
  • True Guidance is consistent
  • False Guidance switches impulsively
  • True Guidance refers to your life purpose or mission
  • False Guidance refers to competition with others
  • True Guidance wants joy in the present
  • False Guidance wants to delay happiness for the future
  • True Guidance is strong and powerful
  • False Guidance is insidious and sneaky
  • True Guidance is familiar
  • False Guidance is out-of-sync with your lifestyle
  • True Guidance speaks in second person
  • False Guidance uses the word “I” constantly 
  • True Guidance empowers you
  • False Guidance weakens you
  • True Guidance comes suddenly and completely in response to prayer/meditation
  • False Guidance comes gradually in response to worry
  • True Guidance never puts you above or below others
  • False Guidance says you are better or worse than others

Ultimately knowing that Divine Guidance is available to us at all times is comforting ... these messages are always loving, uplifting and peaceful.  Our willingness to receive and be open to hearing in a way that we can understand is the key.

I have been told to have the intention to receive guidance that is for my highest and greatest good and trusting that the answers will come.  And of course be grateful for the Divine assistance.  Regardless, you have to just believe intuitively what is right for you ... 

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