Friday, January 25, 2013

" No Coincidence ... "

It’s amazing, it’s perfection
How each little bitty star makes up one big
constellation of people
Getting connected
it’s truly heaven sent, it’s evident
that love is no coincidence ...

How we intertwine is Divine
Open your eyes and you’ll find
seasons have reasons for changing
So that everybody can find love, lose love, find love again ...

~ Kelly Rowland ~ No Coincidence ~

Do you believe there are no coincidences when it comes to human behaviour?  That we behave in a certain way because we get something out of it.  Oprah does and so do I.

Most of us go through life like children ... with anticipation, playing hide and seek, wanting to be found yet hoping we won’t be.  Worrying when opportunities come, only to hide deeper in the shadows when fear overcomes us.  But is this really the way to go through life?  

Fortunately, there are people who understand the true nature of reality and lose all sense of fear or concern.  Their worries vanish.  How?  They understand the way life really works with the flow of energy and information that directs every moment.  They see  the amazing potential in every moment.  They encounter more coincidences in their life which allows them to live with the underlying field of infinite possibilities.  They are great examples.

Think of Deepak Chopra’s quote ... “Seekers are offered clues all the time from the world of spirit. Ordinary people call these clues coincidences”.  Just think ... about the occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have a connection.  And you say to yourself, what are the chances or small world.  But is that all it is?

I believe that when a “coincidence” arises, don’t ignore it.  There is a message there, there is significance.  Whether it arrives as a sudden insight, a spontaneous creative experience or something very different, it has meaning, it has purpose.  And when you get this, you will then say to yourself, oh, so that’s what it was all about.  

If you take the position as an observer of your life, these coincidences become clearer because our connection to the universal soul is much more obvious.  Seeing your life as a movie and watching yourself may allow you to notice things that did not strike you as important at the time.  By viewing yourself objectively, you can gain insights on your character or your self.  And when this happens, we can gradually see correlations and images that repeat themselves in everyday reality.  Clues, all around us ... we just need to pay attention.

Of course it would be helpful if the universe would just give us one big clue, or a giant compass, pointing to the direction we should be taking.  Yet the compass is present.  We just need to look inside ourselves to discover our soul’s purest desire.  So form an intention and become sensitive to the messages because following the chain of “coincidences” can help create the destiny you desire and witness the miracle that lies in the wings ...

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