Monday, March 12, 2012

" The Greater Good ... "

Breathe... us in
Breathe... slowly
Breathe... us in
Everything you do,
Everywhere you go,
Anything we want
Persuasion (slowly)
Coercion (slowly)
Selection (breathe)
Assimilation (us in)
~ Nine Inch Nails ~ The Greater Good ~
Recently during one of Oprah’s life classes, the concept of intentions versus dreams was discussed with Cheryl Richardson.  An audience member asked what was the difference between them ...great question to consider.
So how it was explained was that intentions come from a soulful place, a soul goal and dreams come from a head goal.  Most of us dream or wish for something that is not working in our lives.  Yet intentions encompass the highest and best interest for you and those around you prior to allowing it to happen.  It is a humble way considering you and the greater energy or greater creative force ... that is where intentions are set from.
Yet most of us ask “what’s in it for me?”  so are we able to live in a space of “what’s in for the greater good instead?"  Just consider how many organizations and people strive for this only to be shot down with critiques ... take the recent social media blitz regarding Kony 2012.  Even if the filmmaker’s “intent” was to shed light on the atrocities taking place, the opposition was quick to find the “hoax” in it all ... leaving many to think, it’s not in my world, it’s not in my life, it’s not my problem ... but don't we share the same skies, breathe the same air ... embrace the same universe?
So back to goals ... having them are so important in our lives because they are based on some future outcome and require planning and discipline to achieve.  Give us a sense of purpose and direction.  And along with intentions, we set focus on the future and connect the present ... how we are “being” in any given moment.  Intentions create the momentum to move forward toward our goal.  They are based on what matters most to us bringing our actions in line with our values.  This is how intentions flow from the heart and create your vision ... while goals are created in your mind.
Now how we balance our good with the greater good is an individual dilemma to consider. Yet, If we can take a step back and look at how our goals and intentions affect those around us, maybe we would reconsider our actions, locally and globally.  Perhaps “the greater good” is a starting point for thinking about morality... serving our own good as well.

Today, more than ever before, 
life must be characterized by a sense of Universal responsibility, 
not only nation to nation and human to human, 
but also human to other forms of life 
Dalai Lama 

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