Wednesday, March 14, 2012

" Life Is A Pattern ... "

Life is a story, go ahead and find your sight
Life is your glory, go ahead and live the night
But to live means to be here, in the present now 
Do try to bow for the gift of your day 
Then you cede to the morning sun ...
What is it that makes us lose sight, true sight
Of what is real and essential?
I'll take organised patterns of chaos
Over the chaotic organisations of man, any day.
~ System Of A Down ~ Life Is A Pattern ~
Do you believe that the more you imagine, the more real it becomes?  I do.  I believe we can program anything we create into our reality.  I believe we can program anything that we want to influence because our thoughts carry energy through us once constructed.
You see when we program our body to function in certain ways, our subconscious mind carries out the command.  Science has shown that the human brain works on these thought patterns, which are nothing but programming that has been indented into its neural network.  But the problem with subconscious patterns is that we take it for granted and believe that its the truth of who we are.
Is the subconscious mind simply a term used to point to thought patterns that are running on “auto” pilot due to past attention/belief?  Can they be observed when we deepen our awareness of the mind, and are they the core thoughts underlying many of our perceptions and interpretations?
So what if the truth is that these are thought patterns that have been thought so many times that that they’ve become ingrained as an “auto” mode of functioning.  And if we become aware and show lack of interest and attention to them, can we become free of patterns that are harmful to us?
Yes.  Once you become aware of subconscious negative patterns in your brain, you can start dis-believing them ... if you allow yourselves to align with thoughts of our desired reality.  Once you align these, the patterning in your brain will start running on a new “auto”mode.
I choose to believe that there is no truth to negativity because life doesn’t support it and only serves to impeded and resist the movement of your life towards well-being.   I encourage you to explore different modalities that resonate with you ... it has helped me immensely to help clear these patterns and move towards a state of greater balance, aliveness, and harmony in my life.  

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