Monday, December 5, 2011

" Highs N Lows ... "

"I be high then I be low
I be low then I be high
I be high when I get what I couldn't before
I be low when I'm looking at a stressed face
It's like a battle knife to a gun fight
No need to worry this the story of my life ..."

~ Kid Cudi ~ Highs N Lows ~

Well, we are starting week 40 of the Gerson Therapy.  Yes incredible to think ... I remember talking to family and friends at week 1 wondering how we were going to do this, how we would manage.  And I am happy to report, we have and we are.  As mentioned in my prior posts, thanks to the kindness, generosity, love and support of what I like to call my earth angels.

Since my last post, I have experienced some real highs and some real lows.  Personally, I have been feeling stronger, better and more determined than ever to beat this horrid dis-ease.  I had a great healing session with my beautiful friend, Jolene of Coreporate Care, whom I mentioned in my last post.  Some great insight and affirmations.  Feeling like I am on the road to recovery and healing ... having worked really hard to get to this point, it feels good to feel this way.  And just when I was staying present in my world and my reality ... we had a dear friend of ours pass away.  Highs N Lows.

Vesna was a friend we met at the Gerson clinic in March 2011 and arrived a few days short of our 3 week stay.  She was accompanied by her husband.  The first day, we exchanged stories as to what brought us to the Tijuana.  Our commonality ... breast cancer.  There was a lot of shared frustration, anger, fear and curiosity.  Russell and I, having the majority of our visit under our belts, felt quite equipped to share our knowledge, understanding and beliefs around the therapy.  With Vesna, she was not new to a cancer diagnosis, as this being a reoccurrence, she had felt that a different option from what she had already experienced could work.  With our the severity of our diagnosis varying, our sense of desperation varied too.  I knew that look, that feeling ... I had it 2 weeks prior.  And so I tried to lend my support and encouragement around the therapy, why it works, why it is important to follow it as directed ... why we had to believe.  And we all believed, to some level, or we wouldn't have been there ... again, all of us desperately searching for the unattainable ... a sure thing, a guarantee. 

All of us at the clinic knew that in "theory" the Gerson Therapy works.  But, we also knew that we all respond differently, heal differently ... for some, our immune systems were not strong enough to endure the flare ups and healing reactions to come our way.  For others, we would continue on the therapy.  We all knew that we would do our best and also do what is takes to heal ... conventional, Gerson, or a combination of both.  Regardless of the choice of treatment, we all had the same intentions ... and provided unconditional support.

For Vesna, she left us this past weekend ... passing away peacefully.  I trust she IS at peace now.  All the frustration, anger and fear replaced with solace, harmony and love.  I trust our friend is looking down upon the rest of the Gersonators and cheering us on, believing in us ... knowing we all have our own journey to take.  

♥ Rest in Peace our beautiful friend 


  1. I'm sorry for your loss Meena...what a beautiful tribute to your friend though. XX

  2. What a journey we are all on Mini <3 Paul and I will forever cherish the time we all shared at the Gerson Clinic in March 2011. It was destiny in play bringing us together to meet across the world and share the rollercoaster ride. Through all the "Highs N Lows" we are with you and all of our beloved Gersonators. Vesna arrived the day we left. We didn't get to meet her but we send our love and prayers to Vesna on her journey beyond this life, and her family and friends. Love and Blessings, Jacki & Paul xoxox

  3. Thanks Jacki, you and Paul are always in our hearts. We feel blessed to have had the time together at the clinic and know that we will be connected for the rest of our lives ~ loveyou ♥

  4. It is no accident that we meet the people we meet. God has a hand in all that we do. He puts the people we need right in front of us. To guide, to help, to encourage, and to support us and that is what you did and continue to do so beautifully for all of us! Thank you M

    I have decided that if I want to honor Vesna then I need to live out an incredible life because she is watching me and that is what she would want all of us to do!

    Love, Hugs and Appreciation,