Tuesday, December 13, 2011

" Wrap It Up ... "

" No more will I shop around now 
You know I've got the best thing in town now
I've seen all I want to see
What your loving means to me now
Wrap it up, I'll take it"

~ Eurythmics ~ Wrap It Up ~

I was so excited to write this post today because I decided to wrap my christmas gifts in a different way this year.  With old magazines.  Yes, you read that right, old magazines.  I guess a classic old standby for many, but for me ... guilt free gift wrap ... Go Green!!

Considering half of the 100 million tonnes of paper products used each year in North America going to packaging, wrapping and decorating consumer goods, this year I decided to choose from the stylish options of my old mags.  Feeling quite "crafty", I customize the paper design, while cutting down on using new materials.  

It's really quite easy, fun and in-expensive.  Just look for articles spreads that reflect your recipient's tastes.  For large presents, I lay out the amount of selected pages needed to cover my gift on the floor and tape them together to achieve a cool patchwork design.  For smaller gifts that only require one page, I try to choose beauty spreads that feature multiple products scattered on one page.  And with ribbons from previous gifts given to me, that are still in really good shape, I make bows, topping it off ... voila, see my "masterpiece" (videos) ... remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder ;)

Supplies ...

Final Product ...

And just in case this is not your cup of tea but you are interested in some natural, eco and recycled wrapping ideas, here are some suggestions:

  • Tie pine cones in to your gifts with thin ribbon on the base ... spray them with a natural pine oil scent to add to the experience
  • For the men in your life, use old keys, nuts and bolts as an accessory
  • Paper tablecloths are an ideal medium for wrapping large and awkward shapes.
  • For a lovely aroma, use old oranges, slice them up and dry them in the oven or airing cupboard ... after a couple of days these can be tied in to gifts
  • Tie any dazzling embellishments, like jewelry or buckles, with ribbons to bedazzle your gifts
  • Paint cream, gold or brown dots on brown paper for a shabby chic finish
  • Recycle last year's Christmas trimmings and tie them on to gifts instead of the tree

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