Monday, December 12, 2011

" I've Got the Urge (of Herbal) ... "

" I've got the urge ...
I can wait another minute
I've got the urge to herbal ...
Oh yeah yeah ..
I can wait another minute
I've got the urge to herbal
It's all so natural"

~ Britney Spears ~ I've Got the Urge (of Herbal) ~

After my diagnosis earlier this year, I found myself researching "alternative" therapies.  One of those that resonated with me is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Having the urge to go herbal, Chinese herbal medicine is the main treatment method within TCM.  As mentioned in one of my previous blogposts, I have had the opportunity to be educated from Dr. Perez, a phenomenal doctor at the Amatsu Clinic in Canmore, Alberta.

TCM is the world's oldest professional medicine that continues to be practiced.  It has gained wide acceptance in the West and is one of the most popular and effective alternatives therapies available.  Probably because it is based on an individualized pattern diagnoses as well as a dis-ease diagnosis.  Your pattern is made up of your signs and symptoms, your emotional temperament and the overall composition of your body.  Chinese medicine formulas are created to treat your entire pattern as well as the symptoms or dis-ease that prompted you to seek treatment.  These formulas may include 6 to 18 herbs to treat the symptoms or dis-ease as well as your entire pattern.

Chinese herbal medicine may include vegetables, animal and mineral ingredients, however, the majority of the ingredients are from vegetable sources ... leaves, flowers, twigs, stems, roots, and bark are among the parts of the vegetables used.  These herbs are adopted and incorporated from all over the world with 15-20% of the 500 ingredients considered standard originated from outside China.  There are few, if any, side effects, when prescribed prescribed to Chinese medical theory and a TCM pattern diagnosis ... only beneficial healing results.  Chinese herbal medicine is especially good for promoting the body's ability to heal and recover from illness. 

Of course first consult your preferred health practitioner when considering any form of medication, synthetic or herbal.  I for one am not in favour of self-medicating, yet am in favour of understanding your treatment plan.  Always, always, always do your research and know what you are ingesting in your body ... and know the benefits and side effects to determine if it is right for you. 

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