Monday, June 6, 2011

"Dream Weaver ... oh, Dream Healer"

"Dream weaver 
I've just closed my eyes again 
Climbed aboard the dream weaver train 
Driver take away my worries of today 
And leave tomorrow behind 
Ooh dream weaver"

~ Reo Speedwagon ~ Dream Weaver ~

Yesterday, I had a chance to go to the DreamHealer session in Calgary.  For some of you, you already know what this is all about.  ADAM is the DreamHealer.  He is a gifted individual who helps you with visualization tools and energy healing.  Now for all the skeptics out there, he does not have a magic wand, nor does he heal you ... YOU HEAL YOURSELF.  

I had a great deal of anxiety and excitement the entire day.  As my friend Joelle said, you could feel the energy and the healing already taking place prior to Adam's appearance.  Initially, we saw a video about Ronnie Hawkins who was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and given minimal time.  Adam had an opportunity to perform individual healing sessions on Ronnie, remotely, and soon after Ronnie was cancer-free.  His doctors have no explanation and have called it a Miracle.  Along with this story, other testimonials were shown of people whom have fully recovered from serious illnesses.  It was emotional to watch as you could feel the empathy within the crowd.  Soon after, Adam appeared.  He explained that he has been speaking to crowds now for almost 10 years.  He no longer does individual sessions as he has less time and energy.  And his intention is to show how we can heal ourselves.  We just need tools, and he was here to show us how.  How our bodies know to heal itself.

Adam re-affirmed what I have come to understand and what resonates with me.  In the past, I had heard that our bodies talk to us .. but I didn't pay attention.  Adam talked in length about universal energy, our energy and energy healing and medicine.  Since he finished his degree in Molecular Biology and now studying to become a Naturopath Doctor, he provided scientific information explaining the power of intention - How our intentions affect our metabolism?  How do such intentions directly heal ourselves most effectively and efficiently?  He discussed our internal influences ~ Beliefs, Emotions, Intentions, Perception of Time, Cellular Memory and Mind-body connection.  He discussed our external influences ~ Healthcare Practitioner, Media, Education, Family and Friends, Diet, Exercise and Habits.

We learned about DNA and proteins, epi-genetics, gene expression and how our environment affects our healing process.  We also had a chance to participate in group healing sessions.  You could feel the energy in the crowd even before the healing session began.  With that much positive intention, it was simply Powerful.  We had to imagine drawing in energy from our feet, from Mother Earth, and expanding our auras.  Then, we had to imagine our auras merging with our fellow participants.  Next we had to practice our visualizations, or if that was difficult, project positivity ... as Adam said be "ridiculously positive".  

Our intentions to heal and/or heal others.    

So how do I explain the group healing sessions?  Well, everyone was so different ... My experience was powerful, I felt movement, I felt protected, I felt some twitches, pains, presence, dizziness.  Then, I felt empowered ... my intentions were strong, loud and clear.  The room was dark, silent yet full of warm healing energy.  Adam takes everyone's combined aura and works from a hologram to energetically affect our bodies.  It really is hard to explain, it has to be experienced to truly get it.  And, once they sessions were over, I was exhausted.  I needed to sleep and just let the process unfold.  

It will continue to unfold, as healing is a process, a unique journey.

"Practicing these affirmations and visualizations every day is essential.  Our thoughts and intentions are constantly influencing our health and our conscious intention must be synchronized with our subconscious intention.  We need to ask ourselves "What do I want?" and limit ourselves to one desired outcome - state it aloud and let it sit with you, feel it, know it, understand it and emit it.  This is what you want to expect, and focus on this to make it happen.  Our perception of our outcome makes a huge difference to our outcome" 

(Reference: Intention Heals ~ a guide and workbook ~ ADAM, Author of DreamHealer)

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  1. I've heard of him and wanted to know more. Thank you for sharing your experience, I might just be inspired to get one of his books now :)