Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Birthday ..."

We gonna come together, We gonna celebrate
We gonna gather round, like it’s your birthday
I don’t wanna know, just what I’m gonna do
I don’t care where you’re going, I’m coming along with you
~ Kings of Leon ~ Birthday ~

Yesterday, it was Russell's birthday.  And anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE birthdays.  LOVE LOVE LOVE Birthdays.  What's not to LOVE?  Birthdays give you the opportunity to celebrate someone's life, their being, their uniqueness, their expression, their humour, their love .... we have a chance to give happiness.  What a beautiful thing - giving happiness.  Making sure we were still staying on my therapy schedule, we spent the day together outdoors and toodled around.  We had fun just spending time being.  

I remember in the past, between hectic work schedules, I would plan a dinner, or a party or some surprise with others.  I would miss the entire point, to frustrated, tired or anxious regarding the planned event.  Two years ago, we celebrated Russell's 40th with a party with his invite list.  When I say that I mean there were people on the list that I didn't really care for.  People that were "friends" when it was a party, but otherwise, you wouldn't hear a peep from.  But I remember thinking to myself, this isn't about you so suck it up.  Russ felt that they somehow affected his life thus far and wanted to include them in his celebration.  So, along with my Mom, we planned the food and drinks, holding it a the local community club.  Funny, I was so concerned on how I would look, if it was good enough, and how I would be judged.  See, absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it was his birthday.  And actually I admit now, so self-absorbed.  So this year was progress for me .... haha, not to make it about me (yikes again!), but privately I reflected on how things have changed in two years - how things have shifted.  And I am happier for it.  I will remember it more fondly than any other birthday we celebrated together.  

And yes it has everything to do with my current situation.  Of course it does ... again forces you to be in the present, really here and NOW.  Today my facebook status is Sorrow looks back ... Worry looks around ... FAITH looks up ♥  Makes sense doesn't it?  Looking up and excited about another chance and another year to live.  Birthdays are an opportunity to end one cycle and begin another.  Perhaps reflect on the previous year, focusing on our accomplishments and understanding our setbacks.  Establishing new goals and navigating on how to pursue them.  Although it wasn't MY birthday, Russell and I have many conversations about where we came from, and meeting ourselves where we are.  As well, where we want to go, what we want to do and how we will get there.  It is awesome to have your best friend and life partner on the same page.  I firmly believe we were meant to be together and in a past life, were as well.  Anyone one reading this, understands that connection.  It's a beautiful thing.

So, Russell and I shared the day, enjoying times of little chatter, and other times of laughter and love.  With lots of well wishes and joy from others, it was a memorable day for both of us.  Feeling blessed and know that life maybe unpredictable, but so precious and to be celebrated each and every day.


  1. Lovely words always...and very inspiring. Happy belated birthday to Russ. You guys celebrated it in the best way!

  2. Thanks for your continuous support and love Ritu, hope all is well - miss you ♥

  3. Well said Min... Happy Belated Birthday Russell!! Look forward to seeing you both soon!

  4. Thanks Vanessa - looking forward to catching up when you are back home ~ loveya, Min ♥