Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Healthy Food ..."

"Healthy food! 
Boy, it taste so good. 
Me one healthy dude 
'Cause me eat healthy food. 
Me love it boiled or stewed, 
Me love it whole or chewed. 
You'd feel just great if you'd 
Eat some healthy food! "
~ Sesame Street - Healthy Food ~ 

Many people consider drinking Carrot juice one of the healthiest lifestyle choices possible. It is known for beta carotene which gives the body Vitamin A, B Vitamins, Vitamin E and many minerals.  The health benefits of drinking carrot juice are thought to be good prenatal health, eyesight, bones and teeth, liver and nails, skin and hair as well as helping in cancer prevention.

Carrot juice is thought to reduce the risks of many different types of cancer including skin and breast cancer.  The cancer-fighting properties of carrot juice are often thought to be excellent due to the high amounts of beta carotene. Beta carotene changes to Vitamin A in the body. Studies have connected Vitamin A with cancer prevention by its antioxidant properties that help eliminate cancer-causing free radicals in the body.

So Do I Why Juice?
The Gerson Therapy requires upto 9 carrot and/or carrot apple juices per day.  By juicing you are removing the indigestible fibre and making the nutrients more readily available to the body in much larger quantities than if you were to eat the fruits and vegetables whole. For example, if you ate a carrot whole your body would only absorb 1% of the nutrient beta carotene. However, if you juice the carrot, you will receive 100% of the highly beneficial beta carotene. 

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