Friday, July 3, 2015

" Attention ... "

“ ... I'm trying to tell you
I'm trying to know you
I'm dying to show you ... 

I scratch your sweet name
Right into my skin
You left me bleeding
But I couldn't give in ... 

Sick and tired of needing your attention
I chose to be lonely than live without your
I'm standing in the pain
That's smothering me ... “

~ Tokyo Hotel ~ Attention ~


When we are so completely focused that our sense of individuality vanishes, then our heart-mind field of consciousness reflects only the object of focus.  Complete attention also referred to as Samadhi.  Moments when our attention is so riveted that external sensory input is completely tuned out.  We are basically in the zone, having let go of the outer world, and now experience a feeling of unity.

... by focusing so completely on one object, 
my heart-mind perceives no difference between it and me ...

Within the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali, Samadhi is considered the eighth and final limb of astanga-yoga.  No perception of a subject is separate from its object.  Both seem to be one entity, uniting in the hearts minds eye even though  in physical reality the practitioner is still different from the object.

And we don’t require meditation, mindfulness and yoga to set time aside for Samadhi.  We can experience it everyday.  Anytime we get lost in something and our consciousness is completely absorbed in it, we are experiencing a type of Samadhi.  Full participation in an activity, when we are so involved in it that nothing else exists except what we are focused on doing, again, Samadhi.

... when the heart mind becomes transparent
it perfectly reflects what it perceives ...

One way of looking at Samadhi is as a sequence of steps towards complete mastery of an object ... 

  • superficial stage
    • our heart mind attempts to understand the object by means of our intellect alone, through reasoning, logic, inference or conjecture
  • second stage 
    • a subtler, deeper attempt of the mind to understand an object, with reflection and discernment
  • third stage 
    • joy and satisfaction of fully understanding something
  • complete mastery 
    • when the knowledge becomes completely internalized, part of our identity, and has merged with us, the subject

Patanjali states one who has enough faith in the divine, who truly sees the divine light inside all beings, can bypass and reach the final stages of Samadhi directly, which is very rare.  Faith provides the determination, enthusiasm and energy leading us towards the deep insight when Samadhi is accessed.  Without faith, we succumb to doubt which consumes everything in its path.

Work in process ... cultivating a clear heart mind requires time, patience and practice.  Yet the frequency of our practice creates momentum that accelerates the progress.  With sincere effort, gradual inner progress happens ... manifesting as more contentment and joy.  

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