Saturday, July 11, 2015

" How ... "

“ ... And I never thought about you much
Til I'm broken down and all alone, ohhh

Though I don't understand the meaning of love
I do not mind if I die trying, ohhh
Took it for granted when you lifted me up

I'm asking for your help
I am going through hell ... 

You cut out all the noise
And now that I can see mistakes so clearly now
But how?
How? ... “

~ Maroon 5 ~ How ~

How can we heal if we are living in the past?

Healing requires living in the present and taking one’s energy back from past traumas and hurts.  Because directing thought and energy to the past diverts vital life force from existing cells and organs that need that energy to function and heal.  

Simple yet not easy ... the reality is that not everyone wants to heal because healing is unattractive for some.  The fear of change, refusal to give up being a victim and once again, living in the past are all obstacles to our healing.  But why would we nurture the past .... to keep it alive because of the bitterness about what happened.  That story of how awful we were treated is a hook, a trigger, a crutch ... to use whenever we feel like a victim.  

Forgiveness ... releasing the control that the perception of victim hood has over our psyches.  It is about how we view life.  When we can begin to see a hurtful act as part of life process ... as a message or challenge instead of a personal betrayal, vital energy flows back into the physical body’s energetic field.  

My health care practitioner often speaks to me about the illusion of being a victim.  Too often I have held onto wounds and grief longer than is healthy.  And I recognize that these wounds and grief can be used as a means to manipulate and control others.  At times when I express a hurtful event, I am reminded how quickly I gravitate to the negative, how deep the patterning is to expect the worst and how easily I would give up my power.  The awareness allows the thought or belief causing suffering to ease up or even fade once the insight is revealed.

... whatever happened to sharing strength and love 
rather than leaving wounds behind ...

Living in the now, in the present means walking around without wound currency.  We all have it and some feel theirs is a bit more valuable than another.  Yet true healing requires change.  And from experience it is easier to claim not knowing what to do next, when in that exact moment you do know ... the courage to act.  

Healing demands actions that support the energy body.  And action requires living today.  No action, thought, or words can change your past ... yet the choice you make in this moment determines the next.  So choose to be here now, choose to heal.

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