Monday, June 29, 2015

" Surrender ... "

“ ... Surrender every word, every thought every sound.
Surrender every touch, every smile, every frown.
Surrender all the pain we've endured until now.
Surrender all the hope that I lost you have found.
Surrender yourself to me

I think I found a flower in a field of weeds,
I think I found a flower in a field of weeds.
Searching until my hands bleed,
This flower don't belong to me ...

(Surrender) I never had the nerve to ask ... “

~ Billy Talent ~ Surrender ~

It takes a quiet knowing within to understand you were born for something unique, something more.  And answering our personal calling is a walk of raw courage.

I have come to understand that surrendering is allowing and surrendering is receiving.  Because when it comes to accessing the courage to step into this life and who we really are, self-doubt rears its ugly head.  Inner criticism, groundless-ness, confusion ... all part of the journey.  So surrendering is a yielding to the calling within.  Avoidance of it, halts our spiritual growth.

When we surrender to our calling or our path, we feel uncomfortable, hidden and misunderstood; yet, the deepest healing, growth and inner transformation takes place.  Because it is in surrendering to the process of the call that we find our whole.  We are brought back to truth.  

Each one of us has a unique gift to share, some just haven’t taken the time to unravel it yet.  Surrendering is part of the unravelling and easily misunderstood as passivity.  Yet it is change in stance, state of being.  It is a softening, a coming home to.  it is what we receive when we’ve made peace with life.  We feel a softness, not striving in our lives.

Take meaningful action and find your true self.  Wake up to what it’s all about and what all the circumstances are for, LOVE.  Begin to see how life is releasing exquisite gems to you in every moment, like water dripping from the tap.  And realize that connection and tenderness are available for the faces that grace your life.

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