Monday, July 6, 2015

" Resonate ... "

“ ... Feel your presence all around me
On the same frequency.

Resonate, resonate ... 

I reach for you and there you are.
You bow the strings that move my heart ... 

Resonate, resonate ... “

~ Journey ~ Resonate ~

It’s a pretty cool feeling to be at a ‘certain’ age, learn something new which ignites your passion for the subject itself ... my personal experience with yoga teacher training, and specifially ... Yin Yoga.

Yin Yoga as its roots in the Taoist healing arts.  It was a merging of an elemental based healing art called Tao Yin and a creative/fluid practice of animal forms.  The philosophy being that the human being can shape-shift their energy to align with the five elements: Earth, Wood, Fire, Water and Metal–to heal, rejuvenate and regain primal range of motion.

Personally, Yin Yoga has brought the essence of each asana to life.  Visualizing the shapes, their shifts in energy and their ability to constant change.  Yin naturally mimics animal forms and because animals have their elemental integrity in tact, they call upon their distinct kind of movement to function.  This imagery helps me to recognize how we can call upon our own distinct kind of movement, naturally & organically.

And for those who practice Yin, we understand the three tattvas ... play with your edge, resolve to remain still, hold for time.  Waiting for the invitation to go deeper within a meditative state and holding beyond those first couple of minutes when we just stretch and stress the connective tissues and fascia ... and beyond that threshold ... we meet the Yin in the pose.

Personally, I have embraced the whole miracle of Yin as it resonates deeply ... getting out of the way to allow something greater to feed, nourish and heal the mind-body.  Yin allows me to either dance with the energy or stay right at the eye of the storm ... that place I anticipate between trust and fear.  

Beyond gratitude, Yin has helped me to place trust in the wisdom on the mat ... and extended further ... into the rest of my life.  Yin has supported and encouraged me to find a place of surrender where a layer of surrender, I didn’t existed let alone I could access, starts to peel away.  Beyond gratitude for the allowance, the space to be, and accept what is, with clarity and resolve ... 

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