Thursday, July 9, 2015

" Aura ... "

“ ... Aura-a-a-a Aura-a-a-a
Aura-a-a-a Aura-a-a-a
Aura-a-a-a Aura-a-a-a

Do you wanna see the girl who lives behind the aura
Behind the aura, behind the aura, behind the aura

It's not a statement as much as just a move of passion ... “

~ Lady Gaga ~ Aura ~ 

Emotion, beliefs, creativity, intuition and wisdom originate in a dynamic chaos of energy field ... the Aura.  This vital life energy that surrounds and permeates from each physical body.  And each energy field constantly interacts with the fields of other living beings and with stimuli in the environment ... everything that affects the body must first pass through this field ~ the basis of ancient Eastern Medicine.

Our energy body is a template for the physical body.  And emotional energy resonates with life experiences with belief systems literally encoding themselves within our cell tissues.  We use our life energy to promote fear or love and it manifests in our biology.  With prolonged weakness in the field we have physical symptoms leading to possible dis-ease.

The key is to address imbalances and blocks at the energy level of the body.  Natural health techniques such as pranayama breathing, qigong, tai chi, yoga, earthing, prayer, acupuncture, homeopathy, flower essences, deep muscles massages, reiki and meditation strengthen our fields.  These therapies can nudge an incoherent field of normalcy.

Medical intuitive read energetic patterns when trying to figure out patient conditions.  An example, Dr. Carolyn Myss diagnosis chronic fatigue syndrome as an energetic disorder of the first chakra and affects people who feel very vulnerable and insecure.  These people try to be all things to all people, and they connect to more people and projects than they have energy for ... and the immune system weakens.

 ... Cancer is considered to be energetic components of the past.  Unfinished business.  People with cancer are considered to be more connected to the past than to the present.  When energy is used to keep one's past alive instead of in the present where it is needed to maintain cell tissue, malignancy develops ... 

Consider this, wherever thought goes, energy and life flows.  So do we realize how much energy we spend on past injuries, regrets and losses.  Hence training, such as mindfulness,  helps to disconnect our energy circuits from people or objects that drain us.  

My practice is helping me to check in often and notice where my thoughts are.  Are they with me in the present or have they drifted to the past, the future or with some person or object?  Using learned techniques, the practice is showing me how to detach from the connection and literally call my spirit back.  And the realization every time is it is a practice, not a one shot deal.

“every choice that enhances our spirits strengthens our energy field; and the stronger our energy field, the fewer our connections to negative people and experiences” ~ Dr. Caroline Myss. 

I am learning that dwelling on resentment, guilt or burdensome thoughts harms my biological well-being.  There needs to be a release-ment of the negative use of my personal power otherwise energy dysfunction will continue and there is no room to heal.  

For some, having too much negativity in their field may not get them sick ... for others like me, cancer has signified the beginning of my spiritual journey.  As I continue to focus on what can be learned through this ill-ness or dis-ease, as a healing experience, I lighten my emotional body and support my soul journey.  Inevitably restoring my energetic field for the time I have here in this physical body.

... living with cancer has given me the chance 
to bring this entire human experience meaning ...  

The life long practice of letting go of negative emotions, whether they are directed towards others or self.  Love is the potent healing force for the body and spirit.  And only now am I beginning to recognize that positive and negative energies are real forces that affect my physiology immediately.  And that living with gratitude in a way that respects my spiritual integrity enlivens this loaned body where my soul resides, today.

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