Tuesday, March 25, 2014

" The Universe Listened … "

And the universe listened

The story goes on ...
But I will rise again
I believe in love ...
And I will try again ...

Remove the dark
Heal my heart
Make my body whole
I found my angels
Found my spirit
Guess I found my soul
Teach me how
Show me now
This light has taken me
I'm not ashamed
Help me explain
This awakening

 ~ Melissa Etheridge ~ The Universe Listened ~ 

Over the last three years, I have not only cleaned up my “diet” but my life.  I have paid attention, nurtured, loved, cleansed, detoxed and most importantly, I have got myself out of my own way.  I knew the universe was talking to me and I listen more and more ...
Clues, coincidences, syncronicities, idiosyncrasies .... rather than decipher I gave it up to the higher source and let it be what it is because my primary goal, my priority project is to heal my life.  
Doesn’t everyone?
Of course  personally, I shed my former life, my former self ... someone I didn’t really like anymore because I knew that my authentic self was suffocated and needed an outlet ... and I didn’t pay attention until the universe got louder ...
Speak softer to yourself ... in an optimistic and positive tone, with intention, on purpose ... 
Reserve judgement of others ... we are all do the best we can and truly have no clue what battles the other is facing ...
Shift energy ... love them rather than please them
Expand your horizons ... listen with an open mind AND heart
Respect yourself ... feed your body wholesome, nourishing, organic, blessed foods
Be open to peace ... create space for the Divine to speak through you
Spread love ... use social media to express GRATITUDE
Embrace your sixth sense ... allow the power within you to guide you
Let go ... just, let it go as you have no control  on what occurs only what you do with

Life is full of better, strength, momentum and stamina.  
Optimism is flowing and gratitude is ALWAYS my attitude ... by striving for better, looking for ways to give back  
ॐ blessings 

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