Friday, March 21, 2014

" In Your Honor … "

Mine is yours and yours is mine
I will sacrifice
In your honor ...
For you to feel alive

Can you feel me
Feel me breathing
One last breathe before I close my eyes
This suffering
For receiving
Deliver me into the other side

For you to feel alive
For you to feel alive ...

~ Foo Fighters ~ In Your Honor ~

In your honor ... making changes that honor your needs and desires is actually a greater service to everything and everyone around you.  It all sounds great until someone leaves you because they are honouring themselves.  Does that make them selfish and narcissistic now?  

You see, choosing to leave a job, friendship or relationship to make changes in your life that serve you is no different than when someone does exactly the same thing for themselves.  

"One of the hardest concepts for us to grasp is that making choices that honor ourselves and our happiness is actually a tremendous service to those around us."

Prepare to take a risk ... far too many people play it small, stay in stuck relationships and ever become the person they’re meant to be ... take that risk! ... be self FULL not self less !!

The most important PROJECT you will work on is YOU ...

Are you saying to yourself, but I am grateful for what I have right now so ... you see, you can be grateful for everything you have in your life AND desire something completely different AND take steps to make change in your life.

I’ve learned that being grateful for what I have and where I am NOW creates an energy and environment to make changes with ease ... well, easier at least.  

Just think ... does the world really need more people who are doing what the think they should be doing and staying where they are out of a false sense of obligation? ... 
When you honor yourself you step into your truth, you show up fully in relationships and work in the world with joy, passion and on purpose.

... move with purpose because honoring yourself is imperative to your soul’s desire ...

We are perfect souls, here to have a human experience.  And because we are perfect, our soul loves us unconditionally.  But if we don’t listen to our inner voice, our ego will start to celebrate our shortcomings ... doubt, shame, guilt ... when you don’t honor your commitment to YOU, your ego steps in in all it’s glory and your soul? ... it gets quieter and quieter until ... it retreats ... but it is always there, in the background ... it is about having intentions ... it is about taking the time ... it is about being committed to yourself ... it is about practicing stillness ... it is about trusting your inner wisdom ... it is about YOU.

ॐ In your honor ... hear the inner whispers of your soul, discover your truest desires, have clear direction ... attain peaceful knowing  

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