Sunday, March 30, 2014

" On A Roll … "

“I’m waking up, up on the floor, still looking perfect
I’m walking out, out through the door, into the circus
I jump the train, I never pay ‘cus I’m a rock star
You go with me, there will be drink in a tea ah ...

On a roll again
Rock n roll again
On a roll again
Rock n roll again
Yea yea yea”

~ Icona Pop ~ On A Roll ~

You’re “on a roll” is what my husband said, followed with a high five.  Whoop!  Very exciting since he is referring to my handy work in the kitchen ... yes, quite a novelty for moi.

You see, it is a pretty big deal with close to the last 3 years working solely within the Gerson diet.  Now, being on maintenance has its perks, but it wasn’t this simple when I first started.  Once I was provided the “a-okay” to start introducing foods back into my diet, I ... didn’t know what to do.  I had the fear of, but if I eat that, according to the therapy, this will happen.  How can this be???  How can I what-if scenarios regarding food??  

I love food, so what am I so fearful to eat ...

With our human “expectations” of the bad, awful and ugly also comes a choice.  The choice to have no expectation, to take a chance, to live a little and see what happens.  Some may think a bit casual or foolish when it comes to health, but ironically it is exactly the opposite. 

There are so so many blessings that have come from then to now.  And yes, I choose to follow a clean, organic, vegetarian diet AND I allow myself to ENJOY LIFE.  And yes it is actually possible!  

And so, my handy work in the kitchen has resulted in super cool food combinations that have given me back the LOVE OF FOOD ... which I always knew I had within, but put on the shelf for a wee bit ... maybe even some future recipe posts ;)

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