Monday, March 3, 2014

" Blessed … "

At the first sight of rays of light I hear the birds sing
It's a sign he's given me every thing will be OK
Sometimes when I wake up 
And I'm wondering how my life would have been if I didn't sing

I get a little stressed out every now and then
But problems come and problems go when I'm around him
Blessed in the morning
Blessed in the evening

And again I realize the reason why I sing
Every time, Always
I'm blessed, So blessed

~ Avicii ~ Blessed ~

Almost three years ago to the day, we met some very interesting people.  Under the circumstances, grasping for hope, these same people became our life long friends.  One of those friends was Charlie Hardin.

I always appreciated how openly Charlie expressed himself.  From our time in Tijuana till our last conversation, we would share, console, encourage and motivate.  Recently, Charlie had told me how he was getting back into daily activities and continuing to live his life in the present moment.  Charlie said that he felt an inner calmness and quiet peace.  He said “it’s not a state of euphoria, it’s an absence of the self induced inner torment I used to live with daily”.  Charlie's attitude was inspiring 

Charlie often spoke to me about gratitude and how grateful he was for his wife  as in his words “ my gratitude for her is off the charts and in a class all on its own”.  And also expressed his appreciation for earthly angels, friends and family, who were supportive of his choices.  

Charlie told me about his gratitude for understanding the principles of natural healing and how it helped him take control.  He mostly appreciated the peaceful life they had grown to love enjoying nature and outdoor activities in the rich natural environment of their region.  

And I always enjoyed our lengthy discussions, especially on the book “The Tibetan Book Of Living And Dying”, as it brought us both a sense of understanding as to who we really are and why we are really here.  We often talked about how we were tired of tests, doctors and thinking about “that stuff”.  Rather than revolving our lives around cancer, new therapies and new trials, we would rather just enjoy life instead.  Again, Charlie's attitude was inspiring ...

My life is so much more richer having known Charlie Hardin.  His wisdom, kindness, love and sincerity will stay with me till my journey ends.  Thank-you for blessing our lives Charlie, rest in peace friend  

"On this life journey that I have chosen, I learned a lot, loved a lot and laughed a lot. I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams with a wonderful wife and children and family and friends. The more years I lived, the more tangible God's presence in my life became. That presence has enabled me to have a peaceful mind in this life and it enables me to embrace my transition into the next life without fear." 
 Charlie Hardin

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