Monday, August 20, 2012

" Are You There? ... "

Are you there? ...
Need to learn to let it go
I know you'd do no harm to me ...
And it couldn't be more wrong 'cause there's no one there
Unmistakably lost and without a care ...
And it's wearing me down
And it's turning me round
And I can't find a way now
To find it out
Where are you when I need you
Are you there?

Anathema ~ Are You There? ~

Do you remember the book “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret”.  Written in 1970 by Judy Blume, this novel was popular with young adults as they could relate to the sixth grade girl who had to confront many pre-teen female issues.  Margaret would have conversations with God.  One of my favourite books growing up.

I thought about this book recently, because of the constant conversations I have with Him.  I usually start with an introduction.  Which is odd, I know, because I am pret-ty sure He knows who I am.  And not for any other reason but the numerous times I try to connect with him ... every day.  He probably thinks, oh boy! here we go again ... seriously though, a creator knows his creation.

And my conversations have evolved.  Initially they were around “why me?” ... yet, now on month 18 of the Gerson Therapy, I ask “what is the plan?”, because I trust there is one.  

I remember in the past having a debate about God with a friend.  She couldn’t understand why I had “blind” faith.  She couldn’t understand why there is evil in the world if He exists.  Valid questions and stumbling blocks for many people.  Yet understanding He loves us and wants us to love Him back by choice ... giving US the freedom to choose.  And if we make this choice it is REAL love because it is a REAL choice.  The potential for love outweighs the existence of evil, as evil is only going to exist for a short time, but love is going to go on forever.  Perhaps all of the suffering and death that we see in the world today are the result of wrong choices made by man?

Many people are uncomfortable when is comes to talking about religion.  Perhaps it makes them feel vulnerable because they feel they can’t trust or don’t know what to believe.  I respect that we are in different places along our own spiritual journey.  Thankfully, I have the space to freely discuss spirituality ... with my family and some friends.  I feel safe.  And sometimes I share my conversations, and other times, I keep them close to my heart.

I take great solace in my conversations.  They are pure & honest.  They are REAL ... and they may not be pret-ty all the time, but they do end with great gratitude for life.  My Life.  
Thank-You God, It’s Me ...

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