Wednesday, February 1, 2012

" Focus ... "

“ Not concerned about
What nobody else gotta say
Just do what you do
Cuz they gonna talk anyway ...
Yea, Do it just for you
So dont even waste ya time ...
I'm focus now, I'm focus now “
~ Ashanti ~ Focus ~

The power of focus ... our ability to focus wholeheartedly on on our goals can determine the likelihood of achieving the success we desire.  Daydreams are often seeds of ideas taking root.  They can provide a roadmap towards dedicating all efforts on our ambitions.  A level of dedication ... using the entirety of our brainpower ... centering and focusing on an opportunity.
It may sound simple yet so many of us struggle with bringing our dreams to fruition.  Our minds are incredibly strong and influential ... if we focus on our goals, we can truly see and feel the power of the mind.  But sometimes it’s not just good enough to just keep our goals in mind.  Writing down our goals and putting all our power and energy into the list can help.  We can start this process by the following according to “Power of Focus” by Jack Canfield:
  • Make It Yours - keep in mind that your goals have to be right for you, not someone else - don’t be tempted by media, peers, or culture - ask yourself if this is really what you want or are you being pressured by others.
  • Be Specific - accurately specify what it is that you really want - don’t be vague as that won’t get you far - get as specific and detailed as you can - if you can measure it, it will be easier to follow through
  • Dream Big - it is not useless to set high goals - ask yourself if you are afraid to set a big goal - ask yourself are you afraid of failure as to some extent, we all are, but the key to becoming successful is to look fear in the eye and go for your dreams in spite of any obstacles that may come your way.
  • Be A Realist - don’t let your imagination go too wild and create dreams that are physically impossible - dream big but be realistic.
  • Give Yourself A Timeframe - give yourself reasonable time to develop what you need and practice it well before you become - don’t be hard on yourself yet be fair.
When we visualize our objectives, we begin to understand that the success we wish to attain is within our grasp.  We can make the most of this optimism by channeling our imprecise devotion into our ability to focus on the next steps ... to build our life desires.  Our dreams that once seemed beyond our realm of possibility can become concrete goals.  The power of focus ... 

Choose to live your dreams, not your fears ...

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