Tuesday, February 14, 2012

" My Valentine ... "

And i will love her for life
And i will never let a day go by
Without remembering the reasons why
She makes me certain
That i can fly ...
And so i do,
Without a care
I know that someday soon the sun is gonna shine
And she’ll be there
This love of mine
My valentine
~ Paul McCartney ~ My Valentine ~

Valentines Day ... a designated day to express our LOVE to our loved ones.  I awoke this morning to a loving presentation from Russell ... accompanying my ritual oatmeal & juice ... surrounded by heart shaped carrots ♥  

Yet waking up today, we both have a mix of emotions ... we are remembering our dear friend Paul Botica.  News of Paul's passing late yesterday left us in shock, disbelief and profound sadness.  This is not how it was suppose to be ... this is not how it was suppose to end.  Those of you who have been following my journey know of our connection with Jacki and Paul, understand our bond, and realize the impact this has had on our lives.  Paul had an enormous fight for the last few months, he experienced an incredible recovery ... as Jacki said "with his Kiwi warrior spirit".  So his passing feels sudden after recent downturn in his health.

So we are left with a difficult reminder as to how precious life is ... how unpredictable life can be ... and the need to express our LOVE NOW, this very instant.  The need for a day named Valentines is ineffectual when facing the loss of your soul mate, your LOVE, your companion.

The hype generated by Valentines Day, a tradition of courtly love flourished.  Expressed by presenting gifts, flowers, candies and sending greeting cards.  Symbols of heart-shaped outlines, pink and red, doves and the cute little winged guy named Cupid.  So instead of contributing to the $1 billion spent on chocolates today, tell your loved one how you feel with the simplest gestures: 
  • Leave a “I LOVE you” note on their pillow, in the lunch bag, on their steering wheel 
  • Write a LOVE poem in lipstick on the bathroom mirror
  • Write a LOVE message on the grass in your yard (using a can of water-soluble, non-toxic aerosol paint) ... okay we have snow, so write a message with footsteps instead
  • Request your “wedding song” on the radio and dedicate to them when they drive to work in the morning
  • Write a LOVE letter expressing a memorable time in your relationship
  • Leave a series of notes to meet you in a romantic place
  • Leave a trail of paper hearts, each with LOVE messages from the front door to where ever you want it to lead
  • Have a romantic picnic in your home with candles and decorate based on a meaningful theme to the both of you

Truly, anything works when you speak from your heart.  Just don’t wait to tell them how you feel, life is unpredictable, so have little regrets ... remember we hold LOVE in our hearts, not in our hands ... a simple, heartfelt gesture is the greatest gift we could offer.

In loving memory of our dear friend Paul Botica ...  
Rest in Peace beautiful soul ♥ 

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  1. Mini, thanks for this beautiful post in loving memory of Paul. Yesterday, when Paul passed it was Valentine's day 14th February already in New Zealand and Australia. He chose to go to Heaven on the day of Love. I love you my dear friend. This past year has been so rich and rewarding although it ended tragically yesterday and we are so grateful Spirit brought us together on the journey and Paul and I got to meet and love you and Russ <3 You are in my heart and thoughts always and I am always with you on your healing journey. Love and blessings, Jacki <3 xox