Monday, February 27, 2012

" Stitch by Stitch ... "

What you say, without words, 
resuscitates what was numb inside
So repair me, every thread of me, 
'cause you're bringing me back to life
I'll be okay, 'cause you heal me...
So put me back together now, stitch by stitch
Put me back together now, stitch by stitch
~ Javier Colon ~ Stitch by Stitch
Not a lot of people openly talk about their colons.  Yes you read that right colons.  But we all need and use it often ... and we cannot underestimate the importance of it.  Our digestion and our life depends on it ... and it all starts in our guts.
Your eating habits will determine how acidic your body is.  This acid leaves lots of residue in your colon.  These residues remain from days to months and produce fermentation, mold and bacteria ... a breeding ground for dis-ease.  The importance of an alkaline diet is crucial as this protects our colon.  When we eat the right food combinations we increase nutrient absorption and promote proper discharge of waste before it rots inside of us.  Yes I know, what a disgusting thought, but very real.
Gut check.  The length from your mouth to your anus is 30 feet long.  This “tube” plays a vital role on all health levels .. mind, body and spirit.  So food combinations can help in restoring the balance in your body.  For example, when you eat animal products, it can take up to three days for your gut to digest.  So that is three days of it sitting in your gut rotting away ...
The key is to find restoration of balance in your gut.  
What I have learned about food combinations is that carbs are digested with an alkaline condition in the stomach and protein is digested with an acid condition.  When combined, it can confuse the stomach.  So some general guidelines are protein and starch should not be combined.  To keep your gut happy, pair them with greens and veggies.
Enlist a naturopath, dietitian or nutritionist to help you.  Start by keeping a food diary.  Write down the date, time, and meal you eat.  As well, keep track of your mood, body changes, and bowel movements.  Remember, every body is unique, and your body will respond to modifications in its own way ... just be kind to your gut, as your colon will thank you for it.

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