Monday, February 13, 2012

" Newborn ... "

Newborn ...
I've got someone seeing grace in me
Someone respecting me
I've got someone who's there for me
Someone saying prayers for me
For all the right reasons
~ Depeche Mode ~ Newborn ~
This weekend, I had an opportunity to celebrate the upcoming birth of a newborn.  My girlfriend Jasmeen and her husband are expecting their first baby this spring.  So exciting ... bringing so much joy in their lives and for those of us touched by them.  Thanks to my gorgeous girl, Rupi who hosted a wonderful afternoon, we showered Jasmeen with happiness and love ... keeping her body, mind and spirit in a blissful state.  Precious 
In the spirit of babies, recently I read that the expectant mother needs to sacrifice many things during her pregnancy, as she is being a given a gift of a lifetime, her precious newborn.  I read she should hear melodious songs, read revered books or beautiful literature, wear comfortable clothing, adorn herself with fragrant flowers and always be in a happy and serene atmosphere.  This increases her chances of giving birth to children who have better cognition, spatial and depth perception.  As well as avoiding packaged foods, restrict animal products and alcohol ensures a healthy baby.  And lowering stress and anxiety is crucial as this can lead to subtle changes in an unborn child’s development ... high signs of stress such as high blood pressure increase heart rates of their babies.
All this literature made me think ... why does this have to apply to only expectant mothers?  Just think ... apply the above to yourself as often as possible ... *sigh ... pure bliss!  We are just as important as our newborns.  We too are a gift and it is never to late to treat ourselves with a mother’s kindness and love ... loving kindness, the feeling of love, warmth and caring as the object.  You see, a mother’s love is unconditional - there are truly no strings attached.  So why do we attach strings?  Why do we beat ourselves up, tell ourselves it is too late or we are not good enough?
When we truly take care of ourselves and our bodies at all times, not just times when we are “suppose to”, we will have the same effect on ourselves as we would on a newborn ... for example, you wouldn’t feed your baby junk food, so why do you feed this to yourself?
So start off by imagining yourself as a kid ... wouldn’t you want the best for that kid?  Imagine showering that child with comfort, security, safety.  Continue to positively nourish that child's internal and external environment.  Now use that image as a way to cultivate a sincere wish for happiness for yourself ... a wish held within every one of your cells ....a wish to be truly happy ... a wish to embrace yourself with feelings of peace, bliss and joy ... unconditionally.  Precious 

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