Wednesday, August 27, 2014

" Purpose ... "

I saw an angel hit the ground
Fly to nowhere above sky
Cross another cold state line
Purpose almost hard to find
Climb a mountain reach the sun
Face the storm and lightning thunder
Seem I never found it one
Purpose really hard to find

Another time to stay
Almost fine the way

You believe of what you say
You believe of what you learn
If you fine these one
Many life will come into you
~ Stand Up ~ Purpose ~

I believe that once you have served your purpose, your time is up.  Regardless of age or circumstances, I believe we are all here for a reason.  And some may feel that reason  is connected to God, or to do God’s work ... so what is your purpose?

Not really a question that is asked in a daily conversation ...  
Soooooo, how are youuuuu? and whaaaaaaat’s your purpose?

We don’t usually think in this way and thank goodness, most of us don’t talk this way.  Yet we don’t think about purpose, we think about the things we need to do, the things we have done, the things we may miss out on, and the people we do the things with.  Does that about sum it up?  So where in all those thoughts does purpose fit in?

Well that is entirely up to you.  You can take ANY opportunity ... abandonment, death, illness, loss ... and ask what is the blessing in this ordeal?  And is it really an ordeal or is it an adventure?  And does this line of questioning annoy you?

Probably ... because I have had some say, it is easy to write inspirational thoughts when you are in a good place.  But here is the catch, we can be in a good place because it is available to us, always.  Period.  But we have to want it … leading you to your purpose ... trust me, from experience, it happens.  

Having had to attend a few funerals this year, as well as say goodbye to all but one fellow “patient” from the Gerson clinic in the last three years … accepting ANY death can be, well, unbearable.  When our loved ones pass on, sadness amongst other emotions, is natural.  But I know what that sadness is for me ... for what I will miss in that person.  I also believe that as difficult, tragic and overwhelming the loss is, there must be some purpose that had been reached.  I don't have to LIKE it but I trust the process and have faith in the journey we think we control, but don’t.

And that is the power of purpose.  It is what gives us strength to carry on through transitions and changes.  This shift is towards our ultimate goal and the path that fits ...
So the next logical question may be … how do I find or know my purpose?  Well it seems that the more we dedicate ourselves to a cause greater than ourselves something happens … we can add our values, strengths and passion to figure out how combined can be put into service … purpose.

I use to believe that there had to be a grand gesture to signify my purpose.  And still working towards meeting a purpose, at times, my thoughts change on why and how and where I am, what I can share and how it impacts, anyone.  

Yet, I’ve realized that the gesture doesn’t have to be grand.  It is possible to experience small adversities that provide opportunities for progress.  And within these small adversities, my purpose lies ... because suffering is an opportunity to reflect on the mistakes of my own mind and to reform myself.  

Perhaps that is when our purpose has been fully met …  

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