Thursday, August 14, 2014

" Version ... "

We could live
In a house outside of town
We could build
Our own version of society ...
There'd be no one to answer
To and complicate our lives
We could be
The epitome of self-sufficience ...
Modify your version so we can carry on ...
~ Incubus ~ Version ~

We live in a society where it is a commonly held conviction that illness is the fault of the person who is sick.  This delusional way of thinking is due to conditioning.  Why?  Because we are told if we do “something” we can avoid ... illness, aging and/or death.  So if you “get sick”, it must be your fault.  Add to this, how many feel uneasy and even fearful when a friend is ill.  They don’t know what to say or what to do.

... it is not about the perfect words or the perfect gift ...

Begin with your intentions.  I’ve said before that if your intentions stem from kindness, compassion and generosity than they are likely to enhance the well-being in others as well as ourselves.  
From my perspective, although cancer lives with me, I don’t really know what someone else who has been diagnosed is “going through”.  Simply put ... I only know my version of it.  I will not even begin to try to figure out where they are.  I know the fear, the dread, the sadness, the shame.  And I also know the blessing, the gift and the clarity it has brought.  Again a version that is shared through through my writings.  So I bring forward my challenges and lessons, my success and failures, in hopes to help others.

... in the end, 
it doesn’t matter what type, stage, duration or treatment ...

You see, regardless of the chaos in life, it is about speaking or acting in a way that you believe in your heart will ease suffering ... and maybe help find peace with life as it is.  When your actions are motivated with these intentions, your inclination to behave in this way is strengthened.  

... being told to “think positive” and old cliches help no one ...

We all know that you cannot control the results of your actions, ever.  But with forgiveness and compassion in your heart for both of you,  just try again ...

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