Friday, October 18, 2013

" Upgrade .. "

I used to wonder why ...
Often I felt alone
Then you spent an entire day telling me how I rate
I wish I should have known ...

Take a look, a closer one
Ask, Yeah the stranger you're seeing is me
Now I refuse to settle for anybody anymore ...

Oh, I've been forced to draw a line in the sand
For myself I'm taking a stand
If I fall again, that is if I can, oh oh
I'm gonna get myself an upgrade
An upgrade
An upgrade ...
~ Eric Saade ~ Upgrade ~

We live in a time when there are constant upgrades for phones, computers, TV’s, so how about upgrading your life?

Where is your mind?
We are constantly surviving negative, stressful events as we detect, imprint and catalogue them.  We know that when we put our attention on something it increases ... we tune our attention in a certain way, we initiate a glow of biochemicals that carve brain pathways for more neurons to travel more easily down the same path the next time around.  At the same time, our attitude and focus also create a subconscious template of perception that filters the millions of incoming bits of life’s information and captures those bits that match our initial proposition.

What about the linear path of life?
Usually we follow in the footsteps of our parents ~ go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, get more money, acquire things, get more money, acquire more things and then ... the same well-worn paths.

Yet we have the opportunity to pave our own paths and create their our own futures instead of being bound by the old system with its old rules.  We cannot expect different results if we continue with the same process.  New paradigm.

It’s time for an upgrade ...

Upgrade by self-creating ... when we focus on our consciousness towards gratitude and beauty, we weave peace into our cells, a cell regeneration if you will.  And that is a good thing because about one percent of all of our cells die and are replaced every day.  So within three months at a cellular level, we have new bodies.  
Upgrade by perspective ... how you perceive daily life, with appreciation or frustration, with gratitude or discontent, joy or sadness.  We have the power to grow and cultivate a peaceful environment.  And of course this is not a novel idea, we are always creating or re-creating in our lives.  Habitual patterns of thinking or reacting is similar to a computer ... you can un-install the programs you don’t like and permanently affect your hard drive aka mind.

Growth can be messy, painful and inconvenient at times, yet stagnation will eventually zap the life right out of you.  Once you get tired of the status quo, embrace your creativity.  It is what drives you forward.  You will start to envision your future and you will stop living in a state of managed dissatisfaction ... look for ways, take risks and embrace failures because it is a time to grow, reflect, reinvent and ultimately push forward in new directions.  

So what’s stopping YOU from upgrading your life?

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