Thursday, October 24, 2013

" Great Expectations ... "

You've got great expectations 
You've got great expectations ... 

You've got great expectations, do you want to play the role 
You've got great expectations, you'd even sell me your soul ... 

You've got great expectations 
You've got great expectations 

~ KISS ~ Great Expectations ~ 

Expectations usually cause more stress than joy because we’ve attached ourselves to an outcome which is uncontrollable.  The disappointment happens when the kindness isn’t returned because what we imagined to be didn’t happen.   

Yet, when we release the need to control what we get, we also release suffering.  You see, tempering expectations of other people will reduce unnecessary frustrations and help you focus on the things that truly matter.

So how do we begin to do so ....

By realizing that we are not in the world to live up to the expectations of others, nor should others live up to ours.  The more you approve of your own decisions in life, the less approval you need from others.  Others progress or success has no connection to your life, because it is about spending your life happily in your own way.

By understanding that it is important to respect yourself more than anyone’s respect of you.  Have faith and trust in who you are and then the willingness to act upon it.  Your path, your purpose, your life.

By knowing your worth and spend time with those who value you because no matter how good you are to people, there will always be negative people who criticize.  Know that the toughest battle you’ll ever have to fight is the battle to be yourself.

By not expecting others to fit into your ideas of who they are.  Allowing others to be themselves is real love an respect ... start appreciating them for who they are instead of who you want them to be.

People rarely behave exactly the way you want them to.  The magnitude of your happiness will be directly proportional to your thoughts.  Remember that everyone deserves to be happy and live their live, not the life you want them to ... don’t let the opinions of others make you forget that.  

Releasing expectations doesn’t mean you give others the option to treat you thoughtlessly, it just means your motivations are aligned with giving with no strings attached.  And in the end, the people who care about you will naturally be there for you in return ... without any expectations for them to do so.

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