Tuesday, September 16, 2014

" Selective Memory ... "

"If i lay my head down
I will see you in my dream
Wearing that polka dot dress
And sitting by the stream
Leaning in to hear you
You will whisper in my ear
And everything i need to know
I finally hear

I wish i could remember
But my selective memory
Won't let me"

~ Eels ~ Selective Memory ~

Recently, I was given some advice … I was told to be selective.  Selective in what I give my attention to, what I focus on and what I allow into my environment.  And that is easier said than done because we get swept away by others or even our own useless thoughts. 
So where to do you start … by asking about that thing you are giving attention to … how will it make you feel?  From my own experience, I have consumed information in the past without questioning not only whether it is true, but the source.  Hence, being selective can be a very, very good thing.

And being selective directly affects your perspective too.  How can it not?  We can be more selective of what we think about, how we think about it and whether or not it serves us.  It is not about being a snob either.  It is about self-care and self-love.  

It is about taking care of what you need.

Now, you may read this and feel this is unrealistic … sure, perhaps for some, yet again from my experience, every single relationship in my life has transformed … some strengthened, others faded .. but the most important one, with myself, is where I see miracles.

I decide what you read … I decide what you watch … I decide what you listen to … I decide what you talk to others about … I decide …

I am grateful for my life and now, I want the rest of my life to have some meaning, some purpose, some use.  And so, feeding my mind with toxic information is not an option.  I have let go of these things and people in my life.   

Being selective allows you to create your own version of reality … personally, I choose to create a more happier rest of my life


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