Sunday, September 21, 2014

" Inside The Cynic ... "

“I hear my poisons in the multitude
Why was I damned a human deemed too rude
Somewhere between the madness and my mind
I live with legions called the human kind

I wander aimlessly amongst the herd
Infesting shadows, I am undeterred
I give opinion cuz you give no peace
They say we manifest the new dis-ease

See the lies you've given me
This is not what I should be
You say your truth isn't mine
Everything, everything, everything you says's a lie”

~ Stone Sour ~ Inside The Cynic ~

Cynic’s are often portrayed as pessimistic, but a healthy dose of skepticism does help, a dose of caution.  And the original definition of cynicism was’t about seeing the world in a pessimistic way as much as advocating a simpler lifestyle in the pursuit of virtue.  Today, cynic’s are thought of those who always believe the worst in humanity.

Do you believe with cynicism has it’s place or do you believe it is just a disgruntle view on a popular trend or maybe just a grumpy disposition?  Human conditioning almost always leads us to a negative outlook before a positive one.  
So where did all this cynicism come from?

Lack of trust ... spend an evening with a few cynical people and you will realize that they are a special breed of person.  You may even know the type if you are not one yourself.  Because a true cynic ... distrusts EVERYTHING new they see or hear ... they are intolerant of new ideas ... and they are pessimistic about EVERYTHING And all this usually occurs when we are emotionally vulnerable.  It is a coping mechanism, a way to protect themselves.  And sadly, the more negativity they see in the world, the more likely they are to share that disposition with others.

Reflecting on a previous post on being selective ... you will usually become like the 5 people you hang out with.  So choose wisely.  Cynical people tend to surround themselves with other cynical people.  It’s worth considering what impact these social relationships have on you.  

From personal experience, I have had many cynical friends over the years.  Those friends were funny in my younger years, but as life continued, that cynicism and negativity wore on the friendship.  It was hard to kick the habit, but I am SO grateful they are no longer in my life.

You may be thinking that this is not you, and not your social circle.  If so, bravo! ... just honestly ask yourself ... do you spend the bulk of your time complaining about things, do you whine about trivial mishaps from the day, or do you resent anything new.  Because cynicism is the easiest of all reactions, but also the most self-defeating one.

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