Saturday, September 27, 2014

" Creative ... "

“... Take that ride
On a magic carpet 
We can fly
They'll be nothing like it
Feels so right
Every night
Every time you're near
I get creative ... “

~ Leon Brown ~ Creative ~

There are different ways to express ourselves, creatively.  Some paint, others sculpt.  Some draw, others write.  Some play music, others recite poetry.  Whatever your outlet, it is important to nurture as it supports your spiritual growth.

 Study after study shows that creativity, in any form, is healthy.

Personally, the most interesting, creative people I know express themselves in a variety of ways.  They associate creative pursuits with other activities and fully silence their gnawing need to constantly make things.   

I love to write, random thoughts, blogs, short stories, poems.  
I always have.

Writing down my thoughts and feelings, helps me heal my life because it helps me change the way, the way I was and the way I am to be.  We have all heard that attitude is everything, and that phrase couldn’t be truer when presented with a life-changing experience.  Writing helps me to find a different perspective, a different way ... and how to live life as it is meant to be lived, FULLY.  

Expressive writing has been linked with improved mood, well-being, stress levels and depressive symptoms ... as well as more physical benefits of lower blood pressure, improved lung and liver functioning.  

So ask yourself ... when was the last time you counted out everything you have to be thankful for in life?  This in itself is a great place to start.  You don’t need a website, blog, social media ... you need YOUR thoughts and a form to express.  

Whether it is a flash of insight, or solution to a longstanding problem, we all long to express ourselves creatively.  We admire the capacity to be original, it seems to be part of human nature.  

Personally speaking, immersion in a creative experience is hugely rewarding by itself.  As often during that immersion, that special state called "flow," a feeling outside of time, of effortlessness that is so extraordinarily satisfying, provides a sense that life is worth living.

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