Sunday, July 6, 2014

" Virtual Insanity ... "

Futures made of virtual insanity 
now always seem, to be governed by this love we have 
For useless, twisting, our new technology 
Oh now there is no sound for we all live underground 

And I'm thinking in what a mess we're in 
Hard to know when to begin ...
That's not nature's way 
Well that's what they said yesterday 

Living - Virtual Insanity 
Living - Virtual Insanity 

Virtual Insanity is what we're living in

~ Jamiroquai ~ Virtual Insanity ~ 

Our identities have now been extended further by virtual communities.  And this every increasingly world has made it easy to either fake an identity or proceed without one at all.  So why does it matter ... well the power of anonymity can create long-lasting social shame with little to no accountability.
Anonymity empowers people to behave differently then they usually would.  This is because there is a feeling of confidence and courage to express their opinions directly ... it just feels safer because face to face confrontation is difficult for most people.  
In a virtual world, our identity is composed of information rather than matter.  This lack of physical presence changes the rules for users. Oddly, the social rules, norms and expectations which are accepted in the physical world, are not always applicable in the virtual world.  
So the question is ... do you really care?  Do you care about the implications of identity, deception an anonymity on society?  Because basically there is generation of kids who have grown up always interacting with the virtual world.  Their access to digital media and the virtual world have enabled unacceptable behavior to occur frequently.  Mean and defiant behavior is facilitated through the virtual world ... example: cyberbullying.

“ ... the internet is an unsupervised area, where nothing brings consequences ... ” 

Where do we go from here? ... it is about finding the Middle Way.  It is about having the ability to know when you need one-one-one human time.  It is about actually talking to people rather than texting, emailing, tweeting, blogging ... no technology will replace human contact.  Because energy called LOVE, expressed from person to person, is still yet to be truly capture within our cyber world.  
The power of a hug, a touch, eye contact and presence communicates far beyond an email being sent across the world.  Take the time to write a love letter, call a friend, visit family and just BE truly present ... because the greatest gift you can give anyone is FACE time.

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