Monday, July 28, 2014

" Redefine ... "

Imagine your brain as a 
canister filled with ink ...

It's in your nature, 
you can paint whatever picture ...

Picture the scene, where whatever you thought, 
would, in the blink of an eye, 
manifest and become illustrated 

Lets figure out what the f$ck it's about 
before the picture we painted 
chews us up and spits us out 

I'm sick of painting in black and white 
So sick of limiting myself 
to fit your definition 

~ Incubus ~ Redefine ~
I think we are conditioned not to step out of our comfort zones.  To sustain life and comfort as we know it ... stay put!  This is what supports the patterns and habits we develop.  This supports the results we obtain.  

... there are always possibilities to redefine your comfort zone ...

One of the reasons I most love travel is that it changes your perspective on pretty much everything.  As we explored the Costa Rica rainforest's, we encountered different ways that people live and came face to face with new and challenging experiences.  Challenging experiences such as 8 varieties of snakes, 2 being poisonous to be aware of where were staying, that is ...

And I kept telling Russ that I am out of my comfort zone.  But here is the funny thing ... I was EXACTLY where I needed to be.  I LOVED the rain forests with over thousands of species.  It was alive, breathing, creative, healing, nurturing ... a part of me, a part of all of us.
I ended up seeing a new world – and my own place in it – in a new, more enlightened, way.  Traveling, at its core, forced me to constantly redefine my reality, my outlook and my actions ...

The simplicity of nature and its occasional challenges.  Nature invites meditation.  Nature breeds reflection.  Nature can bring you to a place of acceptance.  
The benefits of pushing through your perceived comfort zones are great.  Because they are exactly that ... perceived.  Personally, whether it be Costa Rica’s deep forests or the sandy beaches, I filled my lungs with fresh air and pumped endorphins into my brain just by the experience.  
My intentions were for my mind and soul to be at ease as I reconnected with Mother Earth, where we all come from and where we will all return.  And the satisfaction of accomplishing something and of pushing myself past my comfort zone was the greatest reward of all.  I felt empowered, like I could take on any challenge brought my way.  Even cancer ...

... we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us ...


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