Wednesday, January 29, 2014

" My Work Is Done … "

I don't wanna work
Work makes me lazy
And I've got stuff I gotta do
Just for fun
Hey, I don't wanna work
Just give me the money
As if I had a gun on me

Cuz my work is done
Yeah my work is done
My work is done

I'm out of my cave, I'm into the ring
I'm ready to play
Get off the ropes and off the rails
Okay I'm game
Uh-huh, yeah I'm free
I need time to kill
Hey I'm on a rampage ...

~ Dragonette ~ My Work Is Done ~ 

I use to work long hours in a high stress job as I ran the corporate treadmill.  Always looking to get further, to make more money, to get more status, to get a better title, to buy more things .... and it was all while I was on a sugar/caffeine rush ... and I loved it, well at first anyways.

But it took its toll on all aspects of my life ... health, personal relationships and especially the most important relationship I had ... with myself.  I thought I was doing something meaningful, but it just took me away from everything else in my life.  

I still remember the day when my boss said “look at me, you can be just like me ... phone, parking ... and it was as if she was speaking a different language because I realized that was not what I wanted and that my sacrifices are not worth it.  And of course the journey continued from there when you ask what do you really want and what are you doing to get it?

I was tired of the question, what do you do for a living  as if it defined who I was, or gave a price tag to my worth.  I didn't care anymore what title I had, how much money I made or who I was in charge of … I didn't want that life but didn't know how to change it and then  change happened.  Yes, from my past experience, change use to come from desperation.  More reactive than proactive . looking for external affirmation for allowance.  Thankfully, now it has shifted, change stems from motivation.  

 Motivation to make an amazing life, a well deserved life, a life I’ve always wanted ...

Easier said than done, yes.  A risky, bold move, perhaps but once you make a decision, the universe will do everything in it’s power to support it ... just remember that there are infinite paths we can take to reach our destination, so the route may be unfamiliar at times ... I never imagined from tragedy could come so much clarity regarding what I wanted, where I wanted to go and who I really am … 

“I really want to live my life instead of work my life ... “

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