Sunday, January 5, 2014

" I Deserve It … "

Many miles many roads I have traveled
Fallen down on the way
Many hearts many years have unraveled
Leading up to today ...

I have no regrets
There's nothing to forget
All the pain
Was worth it

Not running from the past
I tried to do what's best
I know that I deserve it

~ Madonna ~ I Deserve It ~

Have you ever thought about what you deserve in your life?  
And do you believe you deserve it?  

I love the saying, “What other people think of me is none of my business.” by Wayne Dyer, because we tend to get caught up in others opinions.  And this leads to making excuses as to why we don’t deserve the very best.  Think about it ... we don’t try to improve our relationship with our spouse rather we compare to much worse relationships and therefore we figure it is good enough.  Or we don’t reach for our dreams because we feel it may project selfishness.  

Realize that the only thing holding YOU back is YOU .... 

Personally, I started to make a list ... a list as to what I think I deserve, in hopes to live this code, and focus on what & whom I accept in my life.  This provides clarity, alignment and a release of what is blocking and propels me forward.  This, I believe, is in full support of the Universe.

The following is my list which I continue to add to  I Deserve ...
  • GOOD HEALTH ~ my journey for the last 3 years has allowed me to take care of my body from the inside out.  I have learned a wealth of information regarding wellness, continue to do so and hope to continue to pay it forward
  • LOVE ~ I am blessed to have meaningful friendships dating back to over 30 years, while others are still budding.  I am excited to meet more beautiful souls.
  • PEACE ~ I support my mental health with meditation & yoga, as I am committed to keeping my practice going on my personal growth journey.
  • HAPPINESS  ~ the key is to learn to live you dream ... love what you do and do what you love
  • RESPECT ~ there is no room for relationships in my life that are not respectful as the serve you no purpose
  • ABUNDANCE ~ I’ve developed the self-worth to know in my heart that I deserve success and abundance as equally as others

Knowing what you deserve and practicing what you deserve are two totally different things.  The bridge is ... commitment.  A commitment to yourself.  This involves times when you have to have the ability to speak up and stand your ground, say your truth because YOU now know what YOU deserve  

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