Friday, November 22, 2013

" Willing ... "

I wake with the wings of morning
To the light of a new day
Now my eyes are open

Through the darkest times
I find you
I find you always ...

I could break
Fall back into sorrow
Give me life
Make my faith much stronger ... 

Though I stumble ...
Though I fall
I'm willing

~ Times of Grace ~ Willing ~ 

Recently I heard a definition of the word Will and it resonated with me.  Understanding your personal will or willingness was defined as “the moment you realize that nothing outside of you can make you small”.  How powerful that statement really is ...

You hear about people losing their will to live, when they couldn’t hang on anymore, when there had no “reason” to go on, or when they lost their appetite for life.  I think if we are really honest with ourselves, we have all experienced times of despair, doubt and desperation.

So how do you get the space described above ... how do you regain the will to live?

By starting with acceptance.  Resistance to what is IS the source of suffering, therefore allow the natural flow of life to occur.  The reality is that it will occur with or without your participation.  And trust that there is nothing “wrong” with you.  The Divine did not place us here to suffer ... consider every experience a lesson, where victims are replaced with students.

The past is just a memory, a thought in the present.  The future is just anticipation, a thought in the present.  The only moment we have is this one, and this, and this and ...

Those who survive the most threatening situations find a reason to live ... they dig deep and have the will to carry on.  They realize the reason is not external and not temporary.  They understand unattached, unconditional joy.  And, they make a choice because in essence, life is a choice.  A choice to participate or sit this one out ... similar to walking in an amusement park without entering any of the attractions.  

Living day by day allows you to become less concerned about why you are here and what to do next ... and more appreciative about the NOW experience.  

There are two ways to live ... 
you can life as if nothing is a miracle; 
you can life as if everything is a miracle 
~ Albert Einstein 

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