Tuesday, November 19, 2013

" Quest For Certainty ... "

This world's like a dream, it's not what it seems. 
You think it's solid but it fades instead. 
I know so far I've been looking real hard, 
and I'm trying to get a grip on reality. 

If there was a place where you didn't lie, cry, die, 
would you come with me? 
It's my quest, my quest for certainty. 
In an age that's plagued with absurdity. 
A quest I'll try my best, to manifest sincerity. 
What more do they want from me? 

~ Shelter ~ Quest For Certainty ~

We have a need to be certain about what we know, what we do and what we say.  We feel that when we are certain about the world around us, we understand things, we can be in control, we can sustain our safety and we can predict what will happen.  And when predictions come true, we continue to be certain about what we know.  

But what if certainty is nothing but spin?  

When you don’t accept the proof of impermanence in life, you fear uncertainty.  Yet when you reflect and rise up to it, it can enhance your life.  Knowledge about impermanence can reveal many truths and lead to a fundamental understanding of the nature of the universe.  Our best teach is nature itself.  Nature shows us the impermanence of seasons.

So with all the uncertainty around us, how do we live a life without anxiety and dis-comfort?  By accepting what is ... accepting that all things change and are impermanent.  Once we free ourselves from grasping at the ungraspable, we free ourselves from destructive views of permanence, along with the false notion of security.  

The notion of letting go of what you think you will always have but always has a shelf life too.  Not a depressive thought but a motivating one ... to appreciate life as it is ... in this very moment.  Because this very moment will never happen the same way again.  Similar to a snowflake, different every time.

A structured period of time where learning is to occur ... A life lesson ... teaching us about impermanence ... bringing us closer to the truth ... and challenging our faith in the process ... this I know for certain.

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