Thursday, November 21, 2013

" Wounded ... "

... It's like walking with the wounded 
Carrying that weight way too far 
The concrete pulled you down so hard 
Out there with the wounded ... 

You tell 'em, that's just my battle scar ...
And knock 'em down like we used to 
You're the marigold ...
Well nobody took your pride away ...

You say you don't know 
You say you can't grow 
All I know is we're missing you 
Show up, show up wounded 
Show up, show up wounded

~ Third Eye Blind ~ Wounded ~

We all have had experiences that create a sense of pain or discomfort ... welcome to Life.  In truth, we are all wounded ... emotionally, physically and spiritually ... and these wounds are what allow us to evolve into our true self.

As we continue on this amazing journey of Life, we interact with people that act as angels or lessons.  And we develop “battle scars” along the way.  But we also get to choose if we are going to be wounded wounders or wounded healers ... either we use our wounds to wound others or take the energy, lessons and compassion gained from being wounded and help others heal.

“May we all become more loving, less fearful; more forgiving, less vengeful, more compassionate, less judgmental, 
more healing, less wounding ...”

Shifting from fear to love, we choose from hurting to healing.  We realize our connection and oneness ... and therefore when we would hurt others we would hurt ourselves and we cannot heal another without experiencing healing ourselves.  Moving into a more loving, more patient, and more gentle space in our life.

The path of the wounded healer is not an easy one, yet one with the greatest of rewards ... providing the ultimate service by helping another soul through their unique experiences ... giving the ultimate gift by sharing their time and knowledge to someone in need.  

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