Tuesday, May 28, 2013

" Trust Yourself ... "

someday soon
and I don't know when
your little world
will come crashing in
don't think twice
I'll be around
turn your back
someone's gonna let you down
you know that it's true
nobody led you on
they left that to you
now you'll be alone
when the sun comes up
with your tattered little dreams
and a broken cup
then you'll have to 
trust yourself
and don't believe in anymore lies ...
then you'll have to trust yourself
and don't believe in anymore ... 

~ Blue Rodeo ~ Trust Yourself ~

Trust ... five simple letters put together to determine the kind of life that we want for ourselves and also what makes us responsible for ourselves.  Which leads to trusting yourself ... a process you discover as you grow through life.  So how many of us are fence sitters then, afraid to make a choice for fear of making the wrong one?

Learning to trust ourselves can sometimes be the most challenging ...

I think it starts at a young age, being told that you cannot trust you, to put all your trust into your caregivers instead.  Now that is not to say that a 5 year old has the capability to make “big” decisions, but instead of thwarted that sixth sense, intuition, perhaps embracing it instead.  

Meditation assists in tapping into that sixth sense ...

I know many of us can reflect back on a decision that turned out to be disastrous and painful.  Leading us to believe that we are wrong, so ask someone else instead.  You know ... survey says?? ... and we let fear, external pressure or low self-esteem get in the way.

The inability to trust oneself can also come from not knowing who we truly are ...

To know yourself is to love yourself is to trust yourself.  Because really, how can you trust other people if you can’t trust yourself?  So begin by forgiving yourself for those past decisions.  Instead of getting down on you when you mess up, be your own best friend.  Because making bad decisions doesn’t make you a bad person.  Be generous with yourself, be kind.

I recently read ... “decisions are the seeds of courage ... your life is the garden that grows and sometimes a seedling will fail to take hold ... sometimes in your haste or fear, you will trample your own progress, but remember not to abandon your garden.”

What matters is what’s most important to you or what works best for you.  If you’re feeling ambivalent, take the time to listen to your intuition ... it will guide you if you’re quiet enough to hear it.

And how do you know if you can trust your intuition?  Well you won’t until you start testing it out.  The more you find that little voice to be accurate, the more you will begin to trust yourself.

So don’t let your fears or other defense mechanisms get in your way.  Go with your gut and see how things turn out ... and don’t get discourage if sometimes you are wrong.  We can all learn from our mistakes allowing us to move forward.  

Self-confidence is built by looking positively at yourself, acknowledging what you can do, and testing your capabilities ... besides isn’t it better to try and be wrong instead of not trying at all?

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