Thursday, May 23, 2013

" Spare Me The Details ... "

And I don't really wanna know
So don't tell me anymore
And I really don't wanna hear ...

Now I can understand friends who wanna tell me
They think they're gonna help me, open up my eyes
But the play by play makes me wanna lose it ...

Cuz I don't wanna know
Don't wanna know
(Spare me the details if you don't mind)
Don't wanna know
(Spare me the details if you don't mind)
Don't wanna know...

~ The Offspring ~ Spare Me The Details ~

What does the phrase “the devil is in the detail” mean? ... that whatever one does should be done thoroughly.  But what if you obsess over details, you are pre-disposed to “perfect” every little thing and you miss the big picture?

Yet when you refer to the big picture it is not the big picture at all, at least not spiritually.  From your higher self, the big picture is quite universal and elusive and we are limited by our current human experience.  So then do you really have access to it?  

“It is a process as to where to direct your attention ... “

Some people thrive on details ... as it gives them roots, grounding and helps to solely direct their focus.  Others not so much.  Yet there seems to be gravitation to one extreme over the other.  Maybe it is the view point of a visionary versus a realist.

“Realist think visionaries are not grounded, lack a sense of reality ... 
Visionaries feel realists lack a sense of expanded possibilities ...”

Before a change happens there are signs that herald it is coming.  But if we are focused on the details we do miss the big picture.  This can lead us in a direction that may not be in our best interests. 

“Seeking the big picture ensures we have a bird’s eye view 
that is always useful when it comes to decision making ... “

It is a matter of perspective ... as you shift towards your natural space, these extremes will overlap and become inseparable.  The connection between the details of the moment and your “own” big picture will just be there.

So can you facilitate this process ... consider the following: 

S - stop ...
T - take a breath ...
O - observe your body, thoughts and emotions ...
P - proceed in a special way by asking what’s most important for you to pay attention to ...

Life brings us adversity at some point or other and nothing happens to us in a vacuum.  Everything has a cause and an effect.  So the big picture allows us to remain detached and objective about how to resolve the issue at hand.  We need to see all details of the events that are happening as a whole ... then we will be able to make better decisions and truly live in our natural divinely state.

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