Thursday, October 4, 2012

" Too Busy For Me ... "

Slow down the sound of the everyday rush
Turn down the noise
Stop for a minute ...

There's a beautiful place right under your feet
The grass has never been greener
The sky has never been so blue
The sun has never felt so warm on your face

Oh that was a beautiful view
But don't think that I don't see
Everything that makes you too busy for me
Too busy for me

Sit down by the water take a load of your feet
And dream for awhile
Listen to the music
There's a symphony playing ...

The birds have never sung sweeter
The river never ran so true
The wind up on the willow is for soothing your soul

~ Kelita ~ Too Busy For Me ~

Pre-diagnosis, my life was similar to others, busy.  Maybe too busy for me.  I dreaded being bored and would do almost anything to keep busy.  I think this boredom also contributed to my eating disorder.  Yet reflecting back, keeping busy really didn’t keep me happy.

It is a habit as much of modern civilization can be credited to our very human behaviour of keeping busy.  Invention not only stems from necessity but from boredom as well.  Just think of the latest gadget on the market and the hype around it.

But are we “wired” for the pace we are living?  

Mentally we can transfer information quickly ... but emotionally, we do need time to process experiences.  No thanks to rapid communication pressures, most of us don’t have the luxury of time.  Simply put, life can become so fast, busy and pressured.  Leading to stress, anxiety and depression ... resulting in deprivation of pleasure.

You know you are too busy when ... 
a balancing act becomes a juggling act.

Now some would argue that the secret to a happy life is to keep busy.  So are YOU torn between activity and inactivity?  Personally I feel being busy isn’t enough.  Mainly because my mind can wander just as easily, busy or idle ... and I often struggle with staying present due to this wandering mind.

"...a human mind is a wandering mind, and a wandering mind is an unhappy mind. The ability to think about what is not happening is a cognitive achievement that comes at an emotional cost."

So can you keep busy staying present then?  Well paying attention to whatever you are doing NOW is likely to make you happier than letting your mind wander off to unpleasant, negative and worrying thoughts.  

Being mindful is a good thing.

So mentally if you feel you are “just trying to get by”, “keep your head above water” and “barely making it”, just ask yourself how satisfied are you with your busy life.  Restoring your energy is vital to reducing stress and increasing satisfaction.  

Burn-out can happen even in a good life.  

Most people don't regret spending too much time with their loved ones.  So if you are too busy to integrate the good times you are suppose to be having, you may not be having a good time at all.

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