Monday, October 29, 2012

" Rainbow ... "

We're the colours of the rainbow (yeah, yeah)
Let's share our pot of gold 
We're the colours of the rainbow (yeah, yeah) 
Everybody's on the yellow brick road 

But you feel blue sometimes 
And you're blood bleeds red like mine 
The grass is greener on the other side 
What I'm saying is we're all alike ...

There's enough for you, you, you 
There's enough for me, me, me 
We're the colours of the rainbow (yeah, yeah) 
We're the colours of the rainbow (yeah, yeah) 

~ Jesse J ~ Rainbow ~

This past weekend, my beautiful girlfriends and I, had the honour, privilege and blessing to experience a talk with Dr. Maya Angelou.  Yes THE Dr. Maya Angelou ... and if I had one word to describe it ... phenomenal.

She spoke of the importance of rainbows ... "When it looks like the sun isn't going to shine any more, God put a rainbow in the clouds. Each one of us has the possibility, the responsibility, the probability to be the rainbow in the clouds."

“Whose rainbow in the clouds are you?” ~ Dr. Maya Angelou

At the age of 84, you could say that Dr. Angelou has lived a lot of life.  As she candidly shared her life story, we understood that her lack of formal schooling was made up by her continuous learned lessons about humankind.

At an early age, she was sent to her paternal grandparents.  And since her grandfather was one of a few black business owners during a difficult time, everyday was a lesson in his store.  She shared great stories of individuals who at a young age were influenced by her grandfather ... only to become influential in their own way ... thanks primarily to that influence.  Her loving grandmother raised her with the idea of never being a victim and to stand tall with the love poetry as poetry gave you “starch for you back”.  And her grandmother was the one that told her she would be a teacher one day and teach the world ... and so it is.

Dr. Angelou has great wit and a voice that resonates with all present.  You could listen to her for hours as she recites many of her poems, some in song, which enlightens and comforts your soul.  Her emphasis of laughter was present throughout her message as she shared many jokes ... resulting in those beautiful belly laughs.  Yes indeed, very good medicine.

“Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud.” ~ Dr. Maya Angelou

And as she continued to share her story, you understood her sadness during the early years, specifically surrounding sexual abuse.  She led us through the events proceeding from that time to her life at the age of 16, standing in front of the UN in San Francisco, as a young black, 6 foot, unwed, uneducated pregnant girl.  Dr. Angelou told us of her teary wonderment of whether she would ever have the opportunity to be present in an important place like that.  And of course for those that follow her life, she was asked to recite a poem for the 50th anniversary of the UN.  Yes indeed, she was very present.

Her appreciation for those people who cared for her, who said “I believe you can do it” was more evident as she noted she had many rainbows ... many teachers, and they are always with her, pointing to the invisibly "crowded" stage in front of her.  And then just as we were about to thank her, she thanked the audience for letting her be a rainbow in our clouds ... one word to describe it ... phenomenal.

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