Wednesday, October 10, 2012

" Finish Unfinished Business ... "

Tonight, sealing off our hot yoga practice, 
I was thankful for the following thoughtful words recited by our teacher ... 

Finish Unfinished Business

Finish your business with people.
Unfinished business with others is the biggest block to an open heart, the biggest block to peace and joy.

The tangled cords that bind us to the past are easy to find. All we need do is become quiet and listen to the voice of our heart. 
Who do we resent? Who are we angry with? Hurt by? 
Who are the people we aren't at peace with? 
That's our unfinished business, the unfinished business of the heart.

Look deep inside. Find your secrets. 
Find your not-quite-finished pieces. 
Then discover what you need to finish. 
Often, the answer is only a breath away ... 
a breath of fresh air, a breath of forgiveness, a breath of love. 
Take that breath. Let the past go. 
Let it go in peace, thankful for all you've learned along the way.

Tie up your loose ends. 
Heal your connections to others ... 
and your heart by finishing unfinished business. 
Then you'll be free to move on. 
And you can go forward in peace.

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