Monday, May 21, 2012

" How Long ... "

Every time I see you and I look into your eyes 
There's a feeling that I get 
And it's way down deep inside, girl 
I've been trying to hold on, but you say that you're not sure 
I just hope you realize what my heart is going through 
How long, must this feeling go on 
How long, must I stand the pain and 
How long, must this feeling go on 
Waiting for the night 
Waiting for the right time to come 
~ Lionel Ritchie ~ How Long ~
Recently I was asked the question “how long are going to do this thing?” ... and I wasn’t sure how to answer as this “thing”, being the Gerson therapy, is really as long as it takes.  This is my plan going forward, pending unforeseen circumstances, and I will continue until I am in permanent remission.  Their response  .... silence and confusion.
Yet, I am wise enough to not take it personally because I know that it was coming from a place of love and compassion.  I guess I was just a bit surprised by the words used to ask the question.  And really this isn’t the first time I have heard this.  Yet usually it is via someone else ... asked to my family.  I even heard of someone saying that I took he wrong steps and this is just taking too long.
So how long is too long when dealing with cancer?  Of course the sooner the cure the better, as that is something all streams of medicine agree on.  Yet the reality is that once you have been diagnosed, you live with it for the rest of your life.  Even after being “cleared”, the fear of recurrences can live with you.  
So back to this “thing” ... as mentioned before the Gerson Therapy is a minimum of 18 months, with most staying on the programme for close to 2 years.  And if you have had prior conventional intervention, it may be longer.  There are many reasons why it takes “so long” and I would direct anyone interested to the the Gerson Institute’s website for information.  
I was happy to know that once officially off the therapy, life resumes back to normal, but it is a new type of normal.  What I mean is that the strict schedule (freshly pressed juices every hour) is modified to a few juices in the day ... the coffee enemas are recommended to once a day ... food restrictions are lifted for the most part with the choice to introduce seafood, etc.  Yet going back to eating the way you use to can surely bring you back to current health issues.  It is highly recommended to eat organic, non-processed, real food.  Using the 90/10 rule ... eat healthy 90% of the time ...
Some may argue, well is this really living?  Definitely an individual decision to make ~ maybe another question to ask is what is really living? ..... of course, the challenge is to live your life fearlessly, regardless of what the future will hold.  Oh and yes it has been pointed out to me how many people die while on alternative treatments ... but if we are being completely transparent, the mortality rate for those pursuing conventional treatment is just as depressing.  
How you manage your health is up to you, it is your right, it is your life ... my heart intention is to fully live my present life, regardless of approval of my “thing” I choose to help me do so ...

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live  
~ Jim Rohn

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