Tuesday, May 8, 2012

" Our Thoughts Align ... "

With our thoughts align
We could be anything we want
Don’t lose hope don’t lose your patience 
Keep me close and I’ll be content ... 
Just to keep moving on 
But you gave me the strength 
Just enough to get to you
~ Radio Racer ~ Our Thoughts Align ~
Practicing the alignment of your higher Self through the wisdom of your body and recognizing this connection when achieved is forever empowering.  Your purpose becomes clear, you are on track and your life begins to embrace a flow of grace and ease. 
Yet, most of us are running blindly, seeking instead our elusive higher Self and purpose, resulting in frustration levels that border on insanity.  We become so disconnected from life, people, and our callings that we change directions over and over without thought or pondering possible repercussions.  We become fearful and anxious about life without knowing why. 
I now understand that my higher Self wants me to be happy, even during inconsequential events that monopolize my daily life.  And my higher Self enjoys every experience that I have.  It understands my preferences and behavioral patterns that require more attention at the lower-frequency levels.  Additionally, it is intimately aware of the lessons I am incarnated to learn and gently pushes me toward those goals ... holding all my secrets and strengths, waiting for me to claim, but it is in no hurry.  It is always aware of my eternal and multidimensional nature, though I may not be aware of it ... the power within.
So how do I align to my higher Self ... I start by recognizing how my body feels when I am in alignment, as I work toward maintaining it by controlling the direction of my thoughts.  All positive or negative bodily feelings are rooted in my thoughts, so when your my feels as good as it can be, my thoughts are in alignment with my higher Self; when my body feels “off” in any way, my thoughts are misaligned.  
Extreme emotions such as joy, harmony, happiness, passion, peace, and exuberance result in full alignment.  Yet, the difficulty is that we rarely think in terms of alignment when things are going our way because we are too busy enjoying life, which is, after all, the purpose of living.  Usually we think in terms of alignment when we need it most ... when it is most elusive.
Regardless of conditioning, however, your higher Self knows what needs accomplishing in your earthly realm, and it will not guide to that which is not possible within the confines of your current existence.  Your higher Self teaches wonderful lessons and provides clarity constantly through the wisdom of your body ~ your heart feels open and your body feels as good as it gets ... you are in alignment with your higher Self because your body mirrors this.  Everything feels on course and you feel on purpose.  

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