Tuesday, May 15, 2012

" Hypnotize ... "

Well if you set your mind upon it
I know that you can
You've got everything you wanted
You've done everything you planned ...
So let me make an offer
I'm only trying to help
You can make your load
Just a little lighter ...
Well, it's time to see
You've got to give or you're gonna receive
It's time to see
You've got to give if you wanna believe
You won't believe ...
~ AudioSlave ~ Hypnotize ~
Have you ever considered hypnosis or do you think the phenomenon is a stage trick or black magic and question it’s true effectiveness? 
Recently my holistic practitioner recommended hypnotherapy for our next session.  And, it got me researching the benefits.  It seems for many years, scientists and medical professionals have conducted research and studies that prove the effectiveness of hypnotherapy.  As well, hypnosis has been proven to be very effective to a wide variety of disorders.
So how does hypnosis work?  Your hypnotherapist will guide you into a hypnotic state ... and with their guidance, you are able to focus your attention, are open to suggestions, are less critical and more believing.  You, the patient, are in complete control at all times, yet are more willing and open.  And the hypnotherapist helps you achieve the things that you want, yet they cannot make you do something you do not want to do.  In this state, the therapist can talk with the subject and bring up repressed events that are causing problems in the patient’s life.  It can be an extremely powerful healing tool.

The main purpose of most hypnotherapy is to alter some undesirable aspect of behavior.  The aspect of behavior to be modified can be something like overeating, stopping smoking, anxiety or it can range to more serious personality disorders like psychosis.  The effects are not immediate but the behavior should begin to change gradually in days or weeks. 
Some significant benefits of hypnotherapy involve ...
  • implanting positive suggestions
  • transforming habits and subconscious patterns of behavior from negative to positive
  • releasing emotional blocks by clearing trauma from the memory banks
  • contacting our inner wisdom 
  • assisting the autonomic nervous system
  • stimulating the immune system to reduce or eliminate pain
  • restoring bodily processes to natural functioning and to heal injury or illness
By accessing the part of the brain which is responsible for facilitating harmony between mind and body, heart and soul, conscious and subconscious ... hypnotherapy can promote improved health and well-being and allow you to accomplish your goals with greater ease.  Personally, I am excited to implement hypnotherapy within my healing journey ... creating these physical and emotional changes to fully heal.
He who looks outside, dreams; 
he who looks within, awakens 
ॐ Carl Jung

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