Friday, May 13, 2011

"Doctor! Doctor! ... oh, Castor! Castor!"

"Dance with me across the sea
And we could feel the motion of a thousand dreams
Oh, Doctor, doctor, can't you see I'm burning, burning
Oh, Doctor, doctor, is this love I'm feeling?"
~ Thompson Twins ~ Doctor! Doctor~
Well it's been almost 10 long weeks of every other day CASTOR OIL mornings.  What does that mean, well I wake up early and take 2 oz of castor oil in 2/3 cup of black coffee with 1/2 tsp of organic brown sugar.  One word to describe it ... disgusting!  But the best part about it is the coffee and really the only time we have added sugar on the Gerson Therapy.  Both the coffee and sugar assist stomach peristalsis - activating the stomach muscles and move the oil out as fast as possible.
Hmmmm ... so you may ask why we do this?  You see, toxins released from the liver by the all-important coffee enemas still have a long way to travel ... 25 to 27 feet within the small intestine, then 4 to 5 feet of the large intestine ... before they can leave the body.  In the course of this "evacuation" some of the released toxins get reabsorbed.  Yeah, I know pretty yucky to think about but it's true because sometimes it takes too much time to expel from our bodies the accumulated residues of years of faulty eating, AND the toxic breakdown products of tumours.  The Gerson Therapy sees the real need to speed up the elimination process in order to reduce the reabsorption to a minimum. 

To say that every second morning is a “mild inconvenience” is an understatement and staying pret-ty close to the bathroom is recommended and my fellow "Gersonators" would tend to agree.  The castor oil acts as a powerful cleanser and literally sweeps it out of you.  Yet, if it helps to eliminate the tumour toxins ... bring it on and sweep, sweep, sweep it out!

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