Monday, August 3, 2015

" Too Much ... "

“ ... Sorry about that. Honey, I love you too much
Need your lovin' too much
Want the thrill of your touch
Gee, I can't hold you too much
You do all the livin'
While I do all the givin'
Cause I love you too much

Ev'ry time I kiss your sweet lips
I can feel my heart go flip flip
I'm such a fool for your charms
Take me back baby in your arms
Like to hear you sighin'
Even though I know you're lyin'
Cause I love you too much ... “

~ Elvis Presley ~ Too Much ~

There is something that many of us have felt.  The fear of loving too much.  When you form an attachment to a living being, eventually one will die.  Perhaps why we feel life is so precious and unpredictable at the same time.  These attachments are always changing and the change it brings can result in fear.  

We choose to love and take the risk of loss.  I am understanding that the way we deal with loss has a lot to do with whether or not the loss heals and strengthens us or harms and weakens us.  Reactions and responses to loss are so individual where there is no place for judgement.  Allowing to be what it is, a process.

Dealing with loss in your own way is true to your being ... 
Dealing with loss in harmony with your deepest truth begins to diminish the mysticism and in turn the fear ... 

From a spiritual perspective, suffering and loss can open our hearts.  When we begin to look at it at a global level, suffering is a part of human incarnation, as is death.  Death is not the end, but part of a process.  

Asking for wisdom to understand 
and strength to continue is more purposeful ... 

So where is the fear coming from? ... Our ego.  To our ego, love is dangerous.  Rejection and conflict can be threatening and cause pain.  The idea of too much love is our ego’s way of protecting itself, shedding doubt, and becoming defensive or offensive.  Ego becomes uncomfortable and therefore reacts in a way of either attraction or aversion.  Ego fears we will abandon separation and self- protection and it fears its own undoing in love.

Yet the ability to love unconditionally and lose completely is necessary in our own spiritual growth.  The experience allows us to be aware of our own true being, our soul speak.  And this awareness is critical to our evolution.

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