Monday, August 10, 2015

" Layers ... "

“ ... The whole world
A magical spark
Shock waves of Joy

A simple touch
A mystery
The sparkle of life
The science of things

Layers of Love
United ... “

~ Norton ~ Layers ~ 

Layers of forgiveness ... as we continue to break through, we get closer to peace and gratitude.  Because we aspire for a lighter heart.  

... choosing to embrace the reality of your hurt 
and offer forgiveness regardless of the persons response ... 

As we sit in silence for months or years, we risk being thrown back to the initial hurt.  And we may realize that this hurt has now become a dull and nagging pain.  We begin to ask ourselves, have we fully forgiven?

We have an opportunity to discover that an unwanted root of bitterness may be springing up within.  We must be brave and have courage as we begin to peel another layer of that onion, shed a few more tears and go back through the process ... again and again.

There is an emotional core packed tightly under the layers we have built to protect us from an early age.  And we have even more layers to penetrate.  As we peel our layers, we learn to trust our heart again, to live and love freely and not to build more layers of protection.  

... the cost of forgiveness is great but the reward is even greater ... 

This emotional core, out of the blue, at any time, reminds you of the offense ... and you realize you haven’t forgotten it after all.  Again, you begin to peel another layer and shed a few more tears.  And you believe, finally a step closer to forgiveness.

Purging your heart of bitterness, anger, hurt or pain begins by choosing to accept life as it is.  And like the onion analogy, our layers are our makeup.  The more we peel, the more we get to our true self.  

Yet forgiveness can be hard and to continue hold on to some emotional trauma, we block our energy.  And, if we cannot process the emotional effects of the event at the time it happens, we shelf the pain and develop coping skills to keep it hidden from ourselves.  In essence, we are splitting ourselves into pieces and losing touch with the ones we can’t cope with.  This helps to mask our pain because we are no longer in touch  with our whole.

... forgiveness is the new beginning 
at the end of the healing process ... 

We have been taught that forgiveness is saying sorry to those we hurt.  But we intuitively know that it is more about finding the individual truth of what forgiveness is for you, personally.

Your personal state of forgiveness ... where you find freedom, courage and strength to make the changes in your life to find true joy.  Forgiveness begins with self-love ... accepting yourself and others, as is.  Once we view other sentient beings as another interpretation of the Divine, we can begin to practice forgiveness, because we are truly just forgiving ourselves.

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