Thursday, April 3, 2014

" The Critic … "

Tell it like it is...

He gets up real early on his mornin drive.
Down to the office for his 9 to 5 ...
Loves to tell the local bands down at the bar that he's The Critic.

Yea, I can hook you up, I know everybody, in the business
He flunked junior high band he couldn't march in time.
He tried to write a song once, he couldn't make it rhyme.

He's a happy critic...
He's rollin in the dough...

~ Toby Keith ~ The Critic ~

Wait for it ... and there it is ... The CriticAnd it only took less than a week from launching my personal website, to bring out the hating.  I find it really interesting because “anonymous” not only voiced an opinion on my ideas, but also my writing skills.

Here’s the catch .... I appreciate the feedback!! 
That is why I’ve put myself out there.  Basically, you have to have a thick skin.  To have any sort of virtual presence comes with its ups and downs, it comes with the territory.  You open yourself up, you are vulnerable.  And you do weigh the options often ... is it really worth it?  I guess I am really interested in such opinions because it reveals much more about the commenter than it does about me.  You see “anonymous” may have not been very kind, but at least they took the time to read?!

I am learning that people will criticize you about things they do not like about themselves or things they can’t do themselves.  

I am learning that jealousy is the fuel of criticism.  When we see someone who has the life we want, the things we want, the happiness we want or the relationship we want ... we try to justify why some people have it and we don’t. 

I am learning that other people simply do not feel good about themselves, and they need to tear others down to make themselves feel better about who they are.  

So thank-you “anonymous” ... I full expected that sooner or later, it would happen.  I appreciate that taste is subjective and not everyone will like everything.  And I appreciate that writers make easy targets for those who want to pick on someone.  And some people get their kicks making others feel bad.  To each their own.

Oh, and speaking of styles ... “anonymous”, your’s is a dead giveaway so you are not unknown anymore You may want to brush up on your “anonymous” skills.  Sadly the time you spent hating my work, you could spend on gaining some real courage.  

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